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Look Out Folks, We Got Ourselves a *Speed-Reader* Right Here.


I really have NO time for anything, much less updating LJ, because it is paper-writing crunch time for my Library & Info Studies class. But...this Library Story of the Day was too...something for me to pass up documenting.

So I was working at the front desk today, and a teenager-ish girl comes up to check out, and she...was the talkative type. Not the type who you can have a nice conversation with as you check out their things, no--she was the type who comes up and starts talking, and just keeps talking without giving you a chance to get a word in edgewise. And that's fine, it's my job to check out her books, not talk to her, it's a library not a host club (thank heavens), but still. I'm something of a people-watcher, and it's become extremely interesting, amusing, and frustrating in turns to see SO many people with varying levels of SOCIAL SKILLS, WUT DAT.

Anyway, finally she started winding down, at which point she said:

Teen: *sounding EXTREMELY proud of herself* "I finished Breaking Dawn in two weeks!"


*...BUT~ after maybe half a second of that, remembers to smile and nod, all the while biting back what I really WANTED to say, which was '...And *I* finished Great Expectations in two days.'

Thankfully she left almost immediately after that so I didn't have to stifle my snarking for long, but. Uhm, yeah. Boasting about reading that sort of utter tripe? (To a LIBRARIAN, and an ENGLISH MAJOR, no less, not that she could have known the latter.) Sorry, not the smartest move, kiddo.

...AAAAND ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH I GO. 8| And in case I don't make it out alive...David, Thellie, and Laura, you guys get to fight over who gets what from my anime/manga collection. Phase gets my beautiful hardback Garth Nix/Old Kingdom Series books. Anne gets all my comic books, and any of my other books she wants. AND TAO, YOU GET ALL MY BUTTONS. EVEN THE NARUTO ONES. X'D Piper gets anything he can steal/carry home with him, lmao, and my beloved Abbey Road poster if he wants it. EVERYTHING ELSE I EXPECT TO HAVE BURIED WITH ME, JUST FYI. EDIT: EXCEPT MY VIDEO GAMES, Logan gets those.

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Also, I read all three books of Lord of the Rings in two weeks. Beat that crazy Teenager-ish Girl. B(

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Now THAT is decently impressive, yes. :Db 50 POINTS TO.......uh, whichever House you identify as. Ravenclaw?

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I'm very proud of my accomplishment... mainly because Two Towers dragged on like Rupaul. BUT YAY FOR RAVENCLAW! :D

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I've looked at Great Expectations all week and am about to write 800 words about an interpretation of the text without having read a word because I'm out of time. How's *that* for impressive?

In other news, if you have anything to add to interpretations of GE, I'd love you forever!

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...Well, IDK how much you know or what angle you're taking on it, but it's a coming-of-age story about Pip, and crime & punishment and guilt are major themes as well, as are social classes (OF COURSE, because it's Dickens). There are other themes about revenge, and letting go of the past, and what love really is, what it means to be family, and...there is just SO MUCH, ahhhhh I want to re-read it now... Can you tell me more specifically what kind of input you want? Though it HAS been a while since I read it, so.

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Alright, about 700 words to go! :D

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Pffft. Don't go giving her ideas! X'D

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I know it's about Pip and Mrs. Haversham is in it, and... that's about it. It's Dickens, so social class will be an issue. Is there a good interpretation to have of GE? It can be personal and not classic (see Frankenstein as a Moral Tale for Modern Young Adults, my last essay).

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DIBS ON WEISS. AND SKIP BEAT (if you own it >> ).

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lol Weeeeeell, I should really give the copy of Weiss I have back to Anne. I bought her new, official ones, but. The crazy subtitles are so wonderful, this version is kind-of irreplaceable regardless of their ~QUALITY~.

...But I do have a goodly portion of the Skip Beat Manga, yes. |D

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Except for Tales of the Abyss. She told me she was going to get me a copy like, two years ago, and she clearly won't need hers anymore.

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LOL did she want an award?

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lol Heck if I know, I guess so? I mean, I only got halfway through that terrible book before I had to give up, because..."relating to the teens better" was Just Not Worth enduring that level of all-around badness. So maybe it really is kind of impressive that she finished it at all.

...OH YEAH--and if I die, you get your pick of my video games. |D

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I didn't read the Twilight books or see the movies, I just read [ profile] cleolinda's recaps and Mark Reads Twilight, and that gave me a plenty good enough impression of what they were like. Confession: I've been contemplating seeing the new movie because Breaking Dawn was so fucked up, omg.


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I know, right? Maybe it's a good thing she didn't give me the chance to say anything, really, because...I words. None that wouldn't get me in some sort of trouble, anyway. Though I *DID* tell my co-workers about what she'd said after she left, and they laaaaaaaaughed. And my favourite coworker, the one who's the closest thing to a friend I have there, KNOWS how much I hate Twatlight, and so she was like, "HaHAAAAA, she was talking to the wroooong person about Twilight~" X'D

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But yeah, I really honestly did make that first Tonyfais up there. |D Followed by an r u srs? fais (which...I think she took as an impressed expression, LMAO), and then I managed to re-engage my Pleasantly Blank Non-judgmental Smile.
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PFFFFF I... honestly, if it were my job, I wouldn't have said anything, most likely, but... ohman I could not have kept a straight face beyond a stiff "....PFFFFFWAT"

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also lmao that Tonyfais is the best and most accurate reaction ever