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...We need 500,000 CCs of SELF-CONTROL over here STAT



Guys why did I write this

I'm supposed to be working on my Original Story Stuff, not falling prey to Random Plot Bunnies


I don't even know

..And at the same time I am sort of terribly, extremely proud of that fic, cracktastic though it is

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If you work more on your original stuff, I'll keep going on ToTA?

I'll work on TnY?

I'll... I don't know what else. XD

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WELL, one thing that should help--I'm giving up THE INTERNET for Lent. I'll be allowed 15 mins. in the morning and 15 mins. in the evening to check my mail and such, but no trawling for fanart or fanfic or ANYTHING ELSE, SO THERE.

So I should have a little more time to focus on what I SHOULD be focusing on, orz.

...But you DEF. DEF. DEF. keep going on TotA. 8D And more YnB is ALWAYS welcome. <3

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Oh dear Lord. I'm not sure if I love you or if I'm scared of you.

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"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."


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I am afraid of what you think of my LJI entry. I can has my writing bleed red, please!!

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you wrote it because it is beautiful obvs

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Yeeeeees but it's still not what I was SUPPOSED to be writing... ;^;