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SO there are 34 days left until Dragon*Con, and my current new costume progress looks something like this:

Éowyn [ ]: 6% (found sources, pattern bought, some of the edging bought)

Stephanie Brown Girl!Robin []: 1% (found sources)

Kurapika [ or ]: 4% (found sources, 1/2 of material bought)


Yeah, this is how it did (and does always, it seems) go down:

Inner Self: You know, you should probably start on your costumes NOW, so you don't kill yourself with it are the plans--

My response in all the days and months leading up to now:

Inner Self:


Me on realising that I only have 34 freaking days left:

Inner Self, now:

lol WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THIS TO MYSELF. I've prettymuch decided to save Kurapika for Ichibancon/Ohayocon(???) in Jan 2013, so that's one less thing, but still...


sooooooo since it's a day off for me today, off I go to buy the Éowyn material at least |D;;;;

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