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...Ohmigoodness. THIS ANIME.

The main reason I adored this show so much is because I am an utterly unrepentant sucker for a good friendship story. And FRIENDSHIP is the main theme of this story, without a doubt. Love, and tragedy, and learning to move on are also big things, as is guilt and the importance of living each day like it may be your last, with no regrets, leaving nothing undone or unsaid. Something that's also nice, the ending isn't all nice and neat, with everyone all for-sure paired up; there's possibilities, but just as in real life, nothing is certain. Also, the way certain characters deal with their interesting. It's not always pretty or "normal", but that's also how life really is, and I appreciated that honesty. For one reason or another, they're all obsessed with Menma; they haven't laid her to rest in their minds, none of them have, not until the very, very end of the show, and they never could have done it without each other, without all six of them being together once again.

...Now, normally, it is nigh-on IMPOSSIBLE to make me cry, over just about anything, really. But this anime...oh, this anime. This was my expression for SO much of it:

But lest you get the wrong idea, it wasn't all sad! Not at all! And actually, it was the fact that so much of it was so funny and so sweet, or just so poignantly real emotionally in a I-know-that-feel sort of way that had me so often teary-eyed.

And that alone is proof that this show is good. Allow me to demonstrate.

Me at the end of ANY chick flick, seriously:
and/or and/or

Me at the end of AnoHana:
+ +

It's only 11 episodes long, I marathoned it all in one night, and it left me like this:

In the best way possible.

GO. WATCH IT. RIGHT NOW. If at all possible, I do suggest watching all 11 eps in one fell swoop--the emotional impact will be that much more solid. :] Be sure to have a box of tissues handy, though.

...And if you don't know where to watch it w/o the stupid Crunchyroll ads, PM me and I'll link you to the site I used.

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Well. It was already suggested to me to watch it. But this just emphasized the urgency that I should.

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Do it, do it! It's so good! So cute and funny and bittersweet and perfect and sad and wonderful.

...But only do it when you're up for a good cry, haha. |D

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I will have to keep this in mind!!!

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Yes! Yay! Please do! :DDD

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Think Saturday or Sunday will be my AnoHana day. ^_^ <33333333

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Let me know which you pick so I can be on-hand for post-watching blubbering/chatting! <3333333333333333333