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What Did Alory Read This Week? FIRST EDITION


This journal has been sorely neglected of late, and I read a fair amount, so...I might as well post about it, right?

This week:

-Number the Stars (5+/5)
...This book. I can't believe I never read this before. (There are a lot of classic children's books that I seem to have missed, however...I've made it my business to correct this bit by bit, since I *do* work in a library with easy access to plenty of books. Besides, children's books only take a few hours to read anyway, so I don't have any excuse.)
In any case...Holocaust things always make me so sad--it's just so horrifying that people could commit such atrocities against other people, words can't adequately express it. I feel like I needed to read this book--like EVERYONE should, as a reminder that there are some things we should risk our lives for, and doing what is right and fighting against what can only be called Evil is worth dying over.

-Pandora Hearts vol. 21
MY HEARRRRRT. Break continues to be fantastic and terrible, BUT DUKE BARMA. OH MY GOSH, YOU BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC, INCREDIBLE CHESSMASTER! I WAS SO HAPPY TO READ THAT, AND THEN PFFFFT THE ~LOVE~ PART AND THE DOUBLE-PAGE SPREAD OF I WANT TO MARRY LADY SHERYL! D< Then there's Oz remembering Elliot and Leo and aughhhhh the OT3 OF FRIENDSHIP MOMENT! Oz says, "I DON'T WANT OUR PAST TO BE ERASED...!" And Alice and Gil just smile these shit-eating grins and instantly agree. "Sure." "Let's go." AND THEN OZ IS LOOKING AT GIL'S MISSING ARM, AND SAYS, "...Gil. I'm sor... No. I'm grateful, Gilbert " Which is just...! THIS MANGA WILL BE THE DEATH OF MEEEEEE

-Zombie Loan 1 & 2
I don't really have much to say about this one. It's okay, nothing terrible, nothing great. I'll read more of it.

-Page by Paige
Very fun and creative! I don't have all that much to say about it other than that--it DID sometimes feel a little too focused on the main character and her thoughts/feelings, but...that was the point of the story, really, so... /SHRUG?

-The Heroic Legend of Arsland, volume 1
ARAKAWA-SENSEIIIIII I WILL READ ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU DRAW! <33333 Anyway, this was interesting! I want more! I look forward to seeing the prince grow into a strong, wise ruler...with the help of some of the cool secondary characters. :]

-Michael Moorcock's Elric. Volume 1, The ruby throne
Errrrrrghhhhh, I was so looking forward to this, too...but it's terrible. Just a lot of a gratuitous and disgusting torture and violence. I won't be buying volume 2 for the library, and will weed this one as soon as possible, so long as it doesn't circulate well. And really...why would it. There's nothing redeeming in it, and it's just weird, disjointed storytelling.

-Millennium Snow vol 1-3
I read this because it's from Bisco Hatori-sensei, the creator of OHSHC. I actually didn't much care for the Ouran manga--I LOVED the anime, like LOVED BEYOND WORDS--and stopped reading after...basically the first volume, but I thought I'd give this series a try anyway. It's...fine? Nothing ground-breaking or stellar, but not awful either. Typical fluffy, lightly humorous shoujo fare.

-Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird
Another one was I hopeful about, since it looked like fun, but I ended up being disappointed with it. It's feels rushed, and the characters are flat, with zero development, and it's all cliches. There's no real, engaging story anywhere, despite the interesting setting. The art isn't fantastic, but it's not really bad either, though it changes hands 1/3 of the way through, then changes back for the last 1/3, which is a bit jarring.

-Arata 19
...At this point, I really just want this series to end. The last few volumes have just been 'HOW MANY TIMES AND HOW MANY DIFFERENT WAYS CAN I RIP ALL THE CLOTHES OFF THESE CHARACTERS (ESPECIALLY THE GIRLS)?' And while fanservice can be nice...Watase-san, please stop. This volume was better than some of the previous ones, because it hit me RIGHT IN THE FRIENDSHIP FEELS, which everyone who knows me at all well is aware that that's my weakest point. And Watase even held off on the clothes-ripping...right until the very end. SIGH. As for the characters...I really miss how badass Mikusa was when everyone thought she was a guy. She managed to halfway-save herself this time, which was nice, but now that she's been outed as a girl, most of the time she's basically reduced to fanservice material, like poor Kotoha. I do like Hinohara Arata, but then again, he's just the usual, standard shounen hero when it comes down to it--noble and kind and capital-g Good and OMG THE GUY OF DESTINYYYY~ who has these super cool powers that he needs to learn to control better, or they'll mess him up. I also want him to end up with Mikusa, but that ain't gonna happen--it's clearly gonna be a case of 'first girl wins', and I like Kotoha okay, but still...she was in love with the OTHER Arata, so...somehow it just feels sort of shallow to me, that she'd start to like Hinohara instead simply because he has a crush on her. (Also, why make Mikusa fall for him if you're just gonna give him to the other girl? LOVE TRIANGLE FTL!) And as for the other Arata who switched places with Hinohara...I kinda don't care about him, sorry. He's the other side of the standard shounen hero coin--impulsive and brash and kind of an idiot, but good-hearted and OMG GOTTA GET STRONGERRRRR.

-Dawn of the Arcana 13
The final volume! There was a twist in there that I completely didn't see coming. I wouldn't say that this is the best series, and I'm not sure it's doing too well circulation-wise, so it might end up being weeded from our library at some point, but I'm still glad that I read it. The messages it has are pretty good, especially in the end.

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