alory_shannon: Sherlock doing what he does best. Aside from irritating John & sort-of failing at being a human being, anyway. (Hello, what's this;)

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.hack, .hack//sign, air tv, alfred lord tennyson, anime, another fine myth, apocalyptica, avatar: the last airbender, awesome/epic fight scenes, baccano!, bad puns, baking, baking awesome chocolate-chip cookies, batman, being a grammar nazi, being delusional, bishounen, blink-182, books, boots, calvin and hobbes, cats, celtic music, chrestomanci chrestomanci chrestomanci!, classics, conventions, cookies, corellians, cosplay, creative truth-telling, d.gray-man, david eddings, death note, dianna wynne jones, douglas adams, dragon age, drawing, dungeon crawling, dungeons & dragons, durarara!!, earrings, edgar allen poe, english language, fai/sakura, fandom wank, fanfiction, fantasy, firefly, foreign coins, foxes, fullmetal alchemist, fuzzy kitty tummies, gaming, ganking n00bz, garth nix, goth metal, grand admiral thrawn, grudge kyokos!, guy cecil, guy/anise, harmony, harry/hermione, het, hiatus x hiatus, hikaharukao = omfg ot3, hunter x hunter, industrial music, ireland, j.r.r. tolkien, japan, jedi knights, kanda/lenalee, kurapika, kuroshitsuji, larp, last exile, lavi/lenalee, lawl i'm a jerk, libraries, lightsabers, literature, living somewhere warm, lj icons, loki laufeyson, lord of the rings, manga, marvel comics, middle earth, mogget, monet, morbid curiosity, music, mythology, nooo i'm never sarcastic, norse mythology, not early mornings, ouran hshc, pembroke welsh corgies, penny arcade, persona 4, philosophy, phule's company, plushies, prince of tennis, psychology, purse owner 4, re-reading books, reading, rice, robert browning, rpgs, sabacc, samurai 7, sasuke/sakura, science fiction/fantasy, serenity, shakespeare, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, shiba inu, skip beat, sleeping 'til 11, snark & zing, standing in the rain, star wars, swords, tales of the abyss, tales of vesperia, tea, terry pratchett, that old book smell, the beatles, the dresden files, the goddamn batman, the hobbit, the old kingdom trilogy, the oxford comma, video games, voldepork, weasel butter, weiß kreuz, within temptation, wolves, words, world of warcraft, wow i'm manipulative, writing, x-men, yuki/tohru, zuko/toadcoon = canon
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