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I downloaded this huge-ass file of screen caps of Tales of Vesperia ~First Strike~ and I’m not even very far into them yet but HOLY BACKFLIPPING ELIJAHBUGS I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY HOT LITTLE HANDS ON THIS MOVIE. There’s already been some Back to Back Badassery from our boys, and at the point where I’m at there’s what looks to be a BAR FIGHT, which Yuri seems to have started (OF COURSE, because he is one Grade-A instigator |D) and Flynn QUITE FIRMLY finishes and alsdkfjALKJFLSKDJF; AHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT ALREADY. X’DDDDD

…Also, Yuri is insanely cute/pretty/hot/moé. But I knew this already. |D

…And this talk of ToV reminds me of this, which I KNOW I mentioned and meant to post…forever ago actually, but. I don’t have ALL the quotes I want for it yet, but I do have some. I’ll get the rest on my second play-through. |D;

...SO, I’ve decided that really, Tales of Vesperia is all about ALIGNMENTS.

D&D Alignments as seen in Tales of Vesperia! )

EDIT: I have it from reliable sources (a couple of them, actually) that the movie...sort of RUINS EVERYTHING and pays NO attention to all sorts of canon things and just...all-around FAILS, REALLY, so...IDK if I'm gonna watch it anymore....though the BAR FIGHT thing still totally cracks me up and YEAH I'll...probably end up watching it anyway and then HATING MYSELF AND THE PRODUCERS/SCREENWRITER(S) AND JUST THE WORLD IN GENERAL for a while afterward...
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Book title I saw at the library today: "Pets in a Jar". I have a feeling that it should probably be subtitled, "or 'How to Make Your Mother Scream Through Five Octaves'."

Soooo, speaking of the library...budget cuts! Yes! Whee! Fun! Especially when they mean that half the current library staff will be let go. almost all of my coworkers and myself. So come July... Not that this is NEWS or anything, since we've known something like this was coming, and really, I'd expected to be let go a month ago, and I currently hate my job since that just...SO not my sort of place at all. So I'm not exactly WEEPING INCONSOLABLY over this...but it does mean I have to step up The Job Search and try to figure out What I Want To Do (again). I mean, obviously, if I could do "anything," I'd write. I am not so much with the finishing-what-I-start and have nothing to even attempt to publish, I need something practical. And I've got a few...ideas I'm kicking around, but. All in all, I'm just sort of tired of everything and everyone, and just want to go sleep for a few months and not deal with any of it.

/whinge-y loser-ness RE: Boring RL Crap

Ah, and since I said I would--here's My Thoughts About Tales of Vesperia. And as a warning, they are VERY stream-of-consciousness, and full of spoilers, and unless you REALLY know the game, you probably won't get any of it. So. Just so you're warned. )
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SO [ profile] laura_writes and I went to Ohayocon last weekend, and it's taken me this long to do a semi-decent write up of it, but OH WELL. Here goes~

Waiting for the elevator is a part of EVERY Ohayocon, and the worst time is always RIGHT when you get there and have to take all your stuff up to the room. Laura and I must've waited 15-20 minutes, but we were on the 18th floor, and there was just no way that we were gonna make it up all those stairs lugging all our crap. But about 10 minutes into the wait, some random guy came out of the stairwell and said to the waiting group as a whole "HELLO ~LADIES~!" And there was a pause as he left, then the girl standing beside us deadpanned, "...Aaaaand now the weekend has officially begun."

All pics taken by the lovely [ profile] laura_writes, the bestest BFF EVAR, & used with her knowledge and full permission. <3333

General Con Pics :D (a.k.a. OH SO IMAGE HEAVY SRSLY) )

Aaaand here are the Sync pics )
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Though, my one issue is...perhaps predictably, The Romances. TEAL DEER RAMBLING~ )

ALSO Library Story of the Day is from yesterday, and it was basically just a WTF. I had to play 20 Questions with a patron after I found him his book. As I was turning to go, he got all quietly intense, and was all, "So how long have you been working here? Do you work here full-time? Are you looking for another part-time job, then? Do you have a degree in library-work? Where did you go to college? Where's that?" And introduced himself and went for the handshake which I HATE I FREAKING HATE SHAKING RANDOM PEOPLES' HANDS, AUGH. And I just sort of...answered his questions quickly but politely and FLED back to the desk, because he was at least my dad's age and sorta creepy and. I wanted the desk between us. And George nearby, just in case he was some sort of crazy. Because WTF I DON'T KNOW YOU STOP BEING NOSY MY LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AND 'NOT INTERESTED' DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS ON THIS SITUATION. But he wasn't done yet--when he got up to the desk to check out his book, there was another flurry of questions. ("So have you lived in Charlotte long? Where are you going when you go back to library school? Do your parents live down here? Do you have a roommate, then?") And once again I answered as vaguely but politely as I could and checked his book out VERY fast and tried not to give in and just SNAP at him. And I'm not blonde anymore, so that isn't an excuse. But. Maybe I really DO have to stop wearing the shirt I wore yesterday...because whenever I do, this sort of thing tends to happen, which I still do not understand because my chest is Really Not Very Impressive. -_-;;;

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It's been out for a while, I know, and I've been wanting to read it for MONTHS now, but I only recently got it through the library system because there was a waiting list, and none of the bookstores around here had any left, so I resigned myself to waiting since I had other books to read anyway. Anyway, I just started last night and am almost done, and OH MY GOSH, I LOVE IT SO, SO MUCH. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing. The existence of a "Reader's Discussion Guide" like those found in so very many classical works is just priceless. My favourite questions are #7 - "Does Mrs. Bennet have a single redeeming quality?" (Answer: DOUBTFUL, AND LEANING HEAVILY TOWARDS NO.) and #10 - "Some scholars believe that the zombies were a last-minute addition to the novel, requested by the publisher in a shameless attempt to boost sales. Others argue that the hordes of living dead are integral to Jane Austen's plot and social commentary. What do you think? Can you imagine what this novel might be like without the violent zombie mayhem?"

Oh, but truly the most MOVING part of the book is when Elizabeth and the Gardiners are touring Pemberley, and happen to be set upon by a wandering horde of "the unmentionables", and while Elizabeth is fighting them off with a makeshift quarterstaff (not her best weapon, but she'd left off her katana, as wearing them about was not considered ladylike), WHO should arrive but Mr. Darcy, who with a few well-placed musket blasts frightens off the zombies and SAVES her...and then, after making careful & polite (& somehow more gentle-seeming than before, oh swoon!) inquiries as to her health and her family's well-being, leaves his Brown Bess in her arms and rides off. Oh the SYMBOLOGY SYMBOLISM! Oh the tenderness, the subtle concern for her life! Mr. Darcy, you truly are every woman's dream!

Though, ya know, the scene where Darcy first proposes and is super condescending about it, and Elizabeth jump-kicks him in the face and into the corner of the mantelpiece, (which shatters from the impact) is pretty hot. So maybe that's my favourite. IDK I LOVED IT ALL.

LOLOL I AM ACTUALLY GLAD THAT I'VE READ THE ORIGINAL NOW. I HADN'T THOUGHT THAT WOULD EVER BE POSSIBLE. BUT IT MAKES IT SO MUCH FUNNIER. And I might actually have developed some small bit of affection for the original, which is even MORE unexpected.
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It's because it's hard to update with RL stuff when RL is Not Very Exciting. BUT I guess I've accumulated enough things to make a passable attempt at an update, so here we go!

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have a job interview this coming Wednesday! I've been trying to get a full-time job in the library system for a while now and haven't even gotten called for an interview, but my boss called the people this time and put in a good word for me, which was cool of her. The job is at the Main library downtown, so driving to work every day would adventure, but it doesn't really matter because 1) I REALLY need a full time job and it would probably take less time to get there than it does to get to my current job and 2) I really doubt I'll get the position anyway, so the point is moot. STILL, I CAN DREAM, AND YOU CAN BET I'LL DO MY BEST TO MAKE THEM WANT ME. Ahaha, that sounds so wrong, but then again so does the "DO YOUR BEST TO SELL YOURSELF" line interview guides tend to throw out. Anyway, unless I make an entry spazzing out about my new job, assume I didn't get it. :]

In other less important news, I went shopping at the mall with Mutti last week, something I've not done for...a very very long while, and which prompted me to wonder just how old I looked just then. I'm fairly certain everyone who saw me assumed I was a high school student. Does that make me a trap? |D Anyway, thanks to this trip to the mall, for the first time I own underwear that, should I ever be subjected to a strip-search in the middle of a busy airport, I would not die of mortification for having been seen in. I've never owned anything from Victoria's Secret before, but now I can see why it's so popular.

Also, I now have a very nice pair of pinstripe pants, a cute new button-down shirt to wear to work, and a loligoth-esque top that I got from Hot Topic. And the funny thing is, if my mum hadn't been with me, I wouldn't have bought the shirt from HT--she basically MADE me go back into the store and try it on when I told her I'd seen something I liked, and she doesn't even really like the fact that I like that style of clothing. Mixed signals much? Anyway, I'll take/post some pictures of those items if I feel like it sometime that's not 3 in the morning.

Oh, but my mum is hilarious. When I was playing TotA like a frickin' ZOMBIE a couple weeks ago, she managed to catch me at JUST the wrong moment, and I totally fangirled at her about my new fake boyfriend for probably about ten minutes. And she listened to the whole thing, and then just went, "...Hmmmmm...does this mean you'll stop being so obsessed with that girly-looking one?" (By which she meant Deidara, I'm sure.) And I assured her that oh yes, Guy was much more wonderful than Deidara in ALL ways and showed her the above picture. And she INSTANTLY brightened and went, "Oh, yes! He's handsome! 8DDD ......UH! But you *do* know he's pretend, right?" (*eyeroll* Yes, mother, I'm fully aware of that, which is why I called him my FAKE boyfriend. And kudos for trying to hide your own brief flicker of fangirlishness.)

...Oh, but it gets better...

She watched me play for a little bit, and I showed her the alternate costume I'd just gotten for Guy (the one you get for that VERY ANNOYING sidequest where you help Frings and Cecille pass notes in study hall), and said that I didn't really care for it because I liked Guy's original pants better. And she caught me, and was all "Oh, because they're tighter, right?"

Me: "...Y-yeah..." ^^;;

AND THEN SHE TOOK IT A STEP FARTHER, AND ACTUALLY SAID, "...Put those pants back on him--now turn him sideways, let's see--can you see the bulge?" AND SHE WAS ACTUALLY INTERESTED/CURIOUS/SEMI-EAGER TO SEE.



So yeah, Tales of the Abyss > Naruto. For so many reasons that I won't go into here. BUT~ I wrote my first TotA drabble/fic today! It's SHORT genfic with some angst, and THERE ARE SPOILERS, but if you don't know the game at all, it probably won't make enough sense for you to really be spoiled. It also focuses on my two favourite characters, Guy and Anise. I'm the first person to post a fic on with those two as the main characters. I can't decide between being intensely proud of myself and succumbing to melodramatic tears of frustration. COME ON GUYS, THEY'RE HILARIOUS TOGETHER.

Guy + Anise. 'Proxime Accessit.'


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