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So I started playing a new game the other day: Infinite Undiscovery. And this will be somewhat interesting, since usually I am pretty damn spoiled for the games I play, either because I decide to start playing them because people I know are gushing about them somewhere and I look up all sorts of info on them before buying them, or…just because I get impatient and want to know everything already. But I know basically NOTHING about this game since it’s apparently not too super-popular, which could be a bad sign. But maybe I’m just not trolling the right places or something. Oh well, guess we’ll see, huh?

…And before I say ANYTHING else, I just have to say that I think this game has just about the STUPIDEST NAME EVER…who wants to bet that it probably lost something in translation? I really, really hope that this is the case… Even Microsoft Word judges you, Infinite Undiscovery, by not recognizing the latter half of your name. Of course, Microsoft Word judges just about EVERYBODY when it comes to names, so you are not alone, and are perhaps in better company than you deserve.

Buuu~t back to business. PLAYING NOW. @___@

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This exchange took place about five minutes ago.

Parents: /watching Smallville downstairs
Mom: That's not Superman. Who's that?
Dad: ...I think that's Green Lantern.
Me: (from upstairs) Ugh. The Green Lantern is a tool.
Dad: ...What? He's cool?
Me: NO. I said he's a TOOL.
Mom: What'd she say?
Dad: She said he's a tool.
Mom: A tool? A tool of what?
Me: /almost SRSLY injures self holding in laughter

...Yeah, he had to explain it to her. |D; O Mutti u so speshul. <33

In other news, it's freakin' COLD here, for North Carolina anyway. I know it is much worse elsewhere, but it's SUPPOSED to be cold up north. Apparently I need to move further south. :|
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My brother's home from his first semester of college! Yes, already--the study abroad program has a very ODD schedule, though Taylor's regular schedule is preeeetty special also. It's a little weird having him back, to be honest, though it's not really bad of course...except for one little thing really that's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. We share a bathroom...and he NEVER FAILS to leave hair on the soap. It's obviously just head hair, so I know it could be worse BUT STILL. IT'S GROSS I DON'T LEAVE HAIR ON THE SOAP HOW/WHY DOES HE. And SURE ENOUGH, it happened the FIRST TIME he took a shower after he got home, ahaha. So I told him (and I am deadly serious), that if I ever find hair on the soap again, I'm gonna go Jigglypuff on his face. :| And he gives a whole new meaning to the term "sleeps like the dead" so HE KNOWS I COULD DO IT AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

In other random-as-always news, I got the Twilight movie through the library system the other day, and I KNEW it was going to be terrible, so of course I had to make my mum watch it with me. I wasn't quite sure how she'd react--I mean, she reads all these ridiculous sappy romance novels all the time, so...a part of me was afraid she'd turn out to be The Scariest Freakin' Thing In Existence, i.e. A TWILIGHT MOM. 8| BUT I needn't have feared, it turns out, because the movie was even MORE wretched than I thought it'd be, and thus we spent the whole movie saying variations of "OH MY GOSH DID YOU SEE THAT HE IS SO CREEPY!!!" "OH MY GOSH I KNOW!!!" back and forth at each other. XD And thanks to RPatz' HORRID ACTING in that one scene in the biology lab where they first meet (around 0:08), I had to explain to my 57-year-old mother what the term "jizzed in his pants" means. |Da

lolol The scene when they're at the Cullens' house and he tries to get her to dance with him--my mum deadpanned, "...Dancing...with an iceberg...woohoo." And for all the 'running through the forest' scenes she was like "...What...are they flying? What the heck is going on?"

And then after it was over, she spent the rest of the day being twitchy and creeped out. She just kept coming up to me and saying stuff like, '...And all these teenage girls like him? Really?? HE IS SO WEIRD-LOOKING!' And he IS holy crap I totally agree with the 'foot' part of this thing. 8| 8| 8|

An hour so after the movie:

Me: "SO MOM, I'm going in to work this evening--did you want me to pick up a copy of the book for you from the library?" 0:3
Mum: *glowers* "...No.. I wouldn't want to give it credit for being checked out again."

Five minutes after that:

Me: " know, the second movie is at the theatre right now--"

Oh Twilight. So much fail. And yet you spawn such wonderful goofiness, I can almost, almost forgive you for existing. ...And yet not quite, for you are not so bad you are funny, you are so bad you're BAD.

In other, thankfully non-sparkly news, COLLEGE TTLY MAKES YOU SMRT. My brother proved this last night, while watching television.

Brother: *watching some show where some guy had wired himself up with explosives* "...But what -I- wanna know is, where did he get the CO2?"
Me: *eyebrow quirk* ".......The CO2, huh?"
Brother: "...What?"
Me: *smiiiirks and leans towards him from waaaay across the room...and exhales deeply*
Brother: *UNDERSTANDING DAWNS* "...OH, no, I meant--!"
Me: *already halfway up the stairs & sniggering~* XD

...Of course, if he was learning about things like C-4 in college, I would be sorta worried. BUT STILL. /lol pats teh bruzz0r XD
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Though, my one issue is...perhaps predictably, The Romances. TEAL DEER RAMBLING~ )

ALSO Library Story of the Day is from yesterday, and it was basically just a WTF. I had to play 20 Questions with a patron after I found him his book. As I was turning to go, he got all quietly intense, and was all, "So how long have you been working here? Do you work here full-time? Are you looking for another part-time job, then? Do you have a degree in library-work? Where did you go to college? Where's that?" And introduced himself and went for the handshake which I HATE I FREAKING HATE SHAKING RANDOM PEOPLES' HANDS, AUGH. And I just sort of...answered his questions quickly but politely and FLED back to the desk, because he was at least my dad's age and sorta creepy and. I wanted the desk between us. And George nearby, just in case he was some sort of crazy. Because WTF I DON'T KNOW YOU STOP BEING NOSY MY LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AND 'NOT INTERESTED' DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS ON THIS SITUATION. But he wasn't done yet--when he got up to the desk to check out his book, there was another flurry of questions. ("So have you lived in Charlotte long? Where are you going when you go back to library school? Do your parents live down here? Do you have a roommate, then?") And once again I answered as vaguely but politely as I could and checked his book out VERY fast and tried not to give in and just SNAP at him. And I'm not blonde anymore, so that isn't an excuse. But. Maybe I really DO have to stop wearing the shirt I wore yesterday...because whenever I do, this sort of thing tends to happen, which I still do not understand because my chest is Really Not Very Impressive. -_-;;;

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Yes, I know 461 was last week's chapter, but nothing really happened this week and I re-found this conversation, and [ profile] irishmastermind is just too funny. <3

Remember: row your boat twice, THEN Fight The Power! )
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So the first chapter of the new Prince of Tennis is out! Aaaand if you care about that, I assume you'll be reading it for yourself and would not like it spoiled (not that anything GROUNDSHAKING happens anyway), and if you don't, then you won't want to read about it anyway.

But, [ profile] irishmastermind and I discussed it this evening, and I will share part of with you because it's funny. To me, anyway.|D

Zoinks! It's, like, The Ghost of Prince of Tennis Past! )
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So, new layout. 'Bout time. Nothing terribly fancy, but I like it. And if anyone knows where the pic in the banner came from and/or who should be credited for it, I'd love to know. Google Fu has its failings...

RE: NARUTO 408-415 )

In other news, I have no idea who made THIS, but whoever it was, it must have been made for me.
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Cut for spoilers.

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