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...I'm sitting at the front desk at work, and...someone just came in and asked if we had a sewing machine here.

We are a LIBRARY. Let me think...uhhhh, NO?
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My brother's home from his first semester of college! Yes, already--the study abroad program has a very ODD schedule, though Taylor's regular schedule is preeeetty special also. It's a little weird having him back, to be honest, though it's not really bad of course...except for one little thing really that's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. We share a bathroom...and he NEVER FAILS to leave hair on the soap. It's obviously just head hair, so I know it could be worse BUT STILL. IT'S GROSS I DON'T LEAVE HAIR ON THE SOAP HOW/WHY DOES HE. And SURE ENOUGH, it happened the FIRST TIME he took a shower after he got home, ahaha. So I told him (and I am deadly serious), that if I ever find hair on the soap again, I'm gonna go Jigglypuff on his face. :| And he gives a whole new meaning to the term "sleeps like the dead" so HE KNOWS I COULD DO IT AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

In other random-as-always news, I got the Twilight movie through the library system the other day, and I KNEW it was going to be terrible, so of course I had to make my mum watch it with me. I wasn't quite sure how she'd react--I mean, she reads all these ridiculous sappy romance novels all the time, so...a part of me was afraid she'd turn out to be The Scariest Freakin' Thing In Existence, i.e. A TWILIGHT MOM. 8| BUT I needn't have feared, it turns out, because the movie was even MORE wretched than I thought it'd be, and thus we spent the whole movie saying variations of "OH MY GOSH DID YOU SEE THAT HE IS SO CREEPY!!!" "OH MY GOSH I KNOW!!!" back and forth at each other. XD And thanks to RPatz' HORRID ACTING in that one scene in the biology lab where they first meet (around 0:08), I had to explain to my 57-year-old mother what the term "jizzed in his pants" means. |Da

lolol The scene when they're at the Cullens' house and he tries to get her to dance with him--my mum deadpanned, "...Dancing...with an iceberg...woohoo." And for all the 'running through the forest' scenes she was like "...What...are they flying? What the heck is going on?"

And then after it was over, she spent the rest of the day being twitchy and creeped out. She just kept coming up to me and saying stuff like, '...And all these teenage girls like him? Really?? HE IS SO WEIRD-LOOKING!' And he IS holy crap I totally agree with the 'foot' part of this thing. 8| 8| 8|

An hour so after the movie:

Me: "SO MOM, I'm going in to work this evening--did you want me to pick up a copy of the book for you from the library?" 0:3
Mum: *glowers* "...No.. I wouldn't want to give it credit for being checked out again."

Five minutes after that:

Me: " know, the second movie is at the theatre right now--"

Oh Twilight. So much fail. And yet you spawn such wonderful goofiness, I can almost, almost forgive you for existing. ...And yet not quite, for you are not so bad you are funny, you are so bad you're BAD.

In other, thankfully non-sparkly news, COLLEGE TTLY MAKES YOU SMRT. My brother proved this last night, while watching television.

Brother: *watching some show where some guy had wired himself up with explosives* "...But what -I- wanna know is, where did he get the CO2?"
Me: *eyebrow quirk* ".......The CO2, huh?"
Brother: "...What?"
Me: *smiiiirks and leans towards him from waaaay across the room...and exhales deeply*
Brother: *UNDERSTANDING DAWNS* "...OH, no, I meant--!"
Me: *already halfway up the stairs & sniggering~* XD

...Of course, if he was learning about things like C-4 in college, I would be sorta worried. BUT STILL. /lol pats teh bruzz0r XD
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Though, my one issue is...perhaps predictably, The Romances. TEAL DEER RAMBLING~ )

ALSO Library Story of the Day is from yesterday, and it was basically just a WTF. I had to play 20 Questions with a patron after I found him his book. As I was turning to go, he got all quietly intense, and was all, "So how long have you been working here? Do you work here full-time? Are you looking for another part-time job, then? Do you have a degree in library-work? Where did you go to college? Where's that?" And introduced himself and went for the handshake which I HATE I FREAKING HATE SHAKING RANDOM PEOPLES' HANDS, AUGH. And I just sort of...answered his questions quickly but politely and FLED back to the desk, because he was at least my dad's age and sorta creepy and. I wanted the desk between us. And George nearby, just in case he was some sort of crazy. Because WTF I DON'T KNOW YOU STOP BEING NOSY MY LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AND 'NOT INTERESTED' DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS ON THIS SITUATION. But he wasn't done yet--when he got up to the desk to check out his book, there was another flurry of questions. ("So have you lived in Charlotte long? Where are you going when you go back to library school? Do your parents live down here? Do you have a roommate, then?") And once again I answered as vaguely but politely as I could and checked his book out VERY fast and tried not to give in and just SNAP at him. And I'm not blonde anymore, so that isn't an excuse. But. Maybe I really DO have to stop wearing the shirt I wore yesterday...because whenever I do, this sort of thing tends to happen, which I still do not understand because my chest is Really Not Very Impressive. -_-;;;

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To understand how funny this is, you have to know that my family is VERY right-wing conservative, which means among other things that swearing = OMG BAD. My mum (half-jokingly, but still) reprimands me for saying 'crap', so you get the idea of how uptight she is about this. Anyway, the other day we were watching that Adam Sandler movie The Longest Yard, which I'd borrowed from the library and which my mum had never seen, when suddenly the disc started skipping and then refused to play, which lead to this priceless event:

Me: "...Aw man, I guess it's too scratched..."

Mum: "No! Go find that...whatchamadick!"

Me, my dad, and my brother: o_O o_o O_O "......."

Mum: "...I mean, the CD cleaner...!"

...Yeah, we just about laughed her out of the room. :3

Nothing much to report otherwise. The library is INSANE lately what with all the early voting, and it's going to be that way until November 1st, so that's just wonderful. I have never been asked so many ridiculous questions or had to put up with so much inane bullshit in my life. To all you middle-aged men standing in line next to the desk: it was not funny when the first person like you chuckled and then made the tiresomely obvious comment that "Wow, this is a pretty long line, isn't it!", apparently expecting me to be impressed by your exceptional skills of observation and laugh at how clever you were to point it out to me, who has been sitting at the desk and watching people slowly filing past for the past five hours. It is not any more funny the 30th time.

[ profile] laura_writes sent me the first two seasons of Veronica Mars, which I'd heard was good but had never seen, and after just the first two episodes, I'm already in love with it. I adore her hair. It makes me want to cut mine short again. Not...that I didn't want to do that already, heh.


Title: Remnants.
Author: [ profile] alory_shannon.
Genre: Gen, slight angst.
Rating: PG.
Pairing: Slight Kakashi/Rin implications, though technically none, since they're still 13/14 in this fic. So definitely no smut, or ANYTHING like that.
Summary: One-shot. Some introspective drabbling on Kakashi and Rin's relationship after Obito's death.
alory_shannon: Sherlock doing what he does best. Aside from irritating John & sort-of failing at being a human being, anyway. (I think he knows you are)

Today's--or yesterday's* rather--"Library Story of the Day" is short and isn't that funny, but it's definitely another case of 'they should have known better', so it still gets mentioned.

It was a middle-aged lady again**. And I saw her coming out of the men's bathroom. She must've been in there long enough to use it, too, because I didn't see her go in, I just saw her come out, and I was sitting there at the desk with a full view of the bathroom doors for a good while.

Anyway, as she exited, I think she happened to glance across the way and see the sign for the women's bathroom, because she covered her mouth with her hand in an 'ohmigod oops' sort of way.

And that's what made this noteworthy to me; aside from the fact that the bathrooms are clearly marked, did she just not notice the urinal in there or what?

I'm sure most everyone's made the wrong-bathroom mistake at least once, but the one time I made it***, the INSTANT I saw the urinal on the wall, I was outta there.

The only other thing even marginally worth reporting would be the number of times I had my chest ogled. I'm not really complaining about this, because my top was kinda low-cut, and when you wear something like that, you have to know that some people are gonna look†. But really, I was wearing a sports bra, which makes me a B-cup at best, so...not much to see, guys. But I guess boobs are boobs.

In other news, I'm going on another Batman binge, as you could probably tell from my user icons. Our library subscribes to the monthly $2.50-an-issue comic book, and I checked one of them in while I was at work Monday night, and started reading, and...I was lost. Must. Have. More. In fact, I don't know why I don't personally subscribe to that...hmm.

*I got home last night, took my shower, and just...passed out. Around midnight at the latest, which is super early for me. It had rained all day, and I was SO TIRED.

**It almost always is, it seems. Young brainless high school or college students are probably a close second, though.

***I was an elementary school student at the time, so the signs were well above my line of sight. It was still a stupid mistake, though, as I should've taken more care to actually look for the correct sign.

†Still, it's one thing to be sneaky about it and look when I'm NOT making eye contact with you, and quite another to let your gaze keep VISIBLY dropping from my face to my chest.
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I think I should really start posting a "Library Story of the Day", because almost EVERY day that I go into work, I get asked questions that anyone with an ounce of common sense would not have to ask. For example, I had this exchange with a patron at the library today:

Middle-Aged Lady: -beckons me over to her computer, where I find that she's trying to set up an e-mail account- "What's that mean?" -points at screen, where it says that the stunningly creative user name she'd chosen (her first and middle initials in front of her last name) was "unavailable"-

Me: "Ah, I'm sorry, that means that user name is already taken."

Middle-Aged Lady: -looks at me with surprised disbelief- "Someone else has my name?"

Me: -resisting the urge facepalm- "...It...would seem so. You could add a number to it..."

Middle-Aged Lady: -huffs rather indignantly and types some more letters onto it instead-

Can you believe it, the nerve of someone else having her name.

It was so very hard not to tell her that she was not a beautiful or unique snowflake--she was the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

In other, totally unrelated and quite boring news, I was good and ran/walked my three miles today. I need to be better about that, so if one of you peoples whom I talk to on a regular basis would like to take on the most likely quite thankless role of pestering me about that occasionally, I think I'd appreciate it.


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