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...My Boba Fett fangirling ( would that be a FETTish? /SHOTSHOTSHOTlol) goes up about a hundred notches every time I watch this. And in my mind, only the awesome and utterly badass Fett of the first three movies + the EU novels & comics exists. That whiny, annoying brat in the new movies? DON'T KNOW HIM, WHO IS THAT, NOPE NO IDEA NO NONE.

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...I have now discovered the most frustrating thing about trying to cosplay a comic book character (as opposed to the manga/anime/video game characters I've done so far). And frankly, I should have thought of this before, because I notice it every time I read a comic book:

Aaaaaaall the little details of their outfits change depending on who's drawing them. Which can mean they change issue-by-issue, or sometimes even panel-by-panel, if the artist goofs.

...Of course, this also gives you leeway to say, if someone there tries to nitpick and says that you got the cut/length/colour/wtf-ever of something wrong, OH WELL I'M DOING SO-AND-SO'S VERSION OF THIS CHARACTER, THAT'S HOW THEY DREW IT but still. For a perfectionist like me, it is still horrendously irritating, lol. ...And honestly, if someone tried to pull that crap on me with this character, I'd probably give them an IC reply. >B3
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SO [ profile] laura_writes and I went to Ohayocon last weekend, and it's taken me this long to do a semi-decent write up of it, but OH WELL. Here goes~

Waiting for the elevator is a part of EVERY Ohayocon, and the worst time is always RIGHT when you get there and have to take all your stuff up to the room. Laura and I must've waited 15-20 minutes, but we were on the 18th floor, and there was just no way that we were gonna make it up all those stairs lugging all our crap. But about 10 minutes into the wait, some random guy came out of the stairwell and said to the waiting group as a whole "HELLO ~LADIES~!" And there was a pause as he left, then the girl standing beside us deadpanned, "...Aaaaand now the weekend has officially begun."

All pics taken by the lovely [ profile] laura_writes, the bestest BFF EVAR, & used with her knowledge and full permission. <3333

General Con Pics :D (a.k.a. OH SO IMAGE HEAVY SRSLY) )

Aaaand here are the Sync pics )
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So here's the deal.

I've been on such a comic book kick lately, I decided that REALLY want to cosplay SOMEONE for one of them, and since I'm currently blonde, it's prettymuch either Emma Frost or Super Girl, or Wonder Girl I guess, since Black Canary, Layla Miller, and Boom Boom are sorta obscure and I hate Ms. Marvel's costume. I guess there's Enchantress too, but again, probably too obscure, plus her hair would be a PAIN. OH there's Power Girl too, but...I am not really a fan of the "swimsuit bottomed" costumes, and my hair's too long anyway. Though the LOL BOOBWINDOW would ALMOST be worth it. |D BUT ANYWAY that bitch Emma Frost is probably my favourite of these anyway SO. Having an excuse to be a bitch and wear silver/white lipstick FTW. :Db

And while "crossplay" works just fine for plenty of anime characters since a lot of the guys are pretty girly-looking anyway, it doesn't work so well in the DC/Marvel comicsverses, since almost ALL the dudes are Very Muscular Manly-Looking Men, which I could not and certainly do not want to pass for. :|

...But then I thought, oh hey, I could be girl!Robin (a la Stephanie Brown, not Carrie Kelly), though she's a little obscure too. So yeah, I'm not sure anymore, since Batman is my fave superhero aside from Deadpool and there'd be no midriff-baring required and I could quite possibly make it myself which = more awesome points (since it'd be accurate) & LOADS more fun. =\ ...But Emma Frost is WAY more badass...

WELL CLEARLY there is only one possible thing to do here--SEEK THE ADVICE OF MY FRIENDS. |D F-LIST (and other people) DON'T FAIL ME NOW.

[Poll #1463651]

...I guess a big part of what it comes down to is The Classic Question: Marvel or DC?
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I meant to post this a week ago, but oh well--OHAYOCON '08 PICTURES/REPORT.

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Well, the good news is, I haven't been dreaming about trains the past couple nights. (At least I don't think I've been. I'm back to normal, i.e. waking up KNOWING I've dreamed, but absolutely unable to remember anything about them, though a vague sensation of 'WHOA that was a TRIP' is usually still coursing through my body. This might also explain why I generally wake up feeling more tired than I was when I went to bed.)

The better news is, it's Peeps season again. After-Easter until pre-Hallow-e'en is a DREADFULLY long time to be without Peeps. :C

The bad news is...uhm...idk. Well, for one thing, I can't find the right size + colour zipper for the shirt for my Sakura cosplay. Or the right type of shoes OR boots to make into her sandals. (And Thellie can tell you that I've looked for a LONG time--well over a year. Guess I'll have to SRSLY hit the mall sometime this week).
On Hallow-e'en, I will TOTALLY be answering the door and handing out candy in my TJ Sakura costume. XD Which means I MUST HURRY AND FINISH.

Also, I don't know who else I want to cosplay. I might attempt Rukia from Bleach, if not for the fact that I'm not as short and scrawny as she is (i.e. I'm 5'6 and I actually sort of have bewbs).
I was going to go as Asuka from Evangelion, but I cut my hair, so that's out.
I've been considering Sheena from Tales of Symphonia or Rin from Kakashi Gaiden, but...I don't think hardly ANYONE would know who I was, and that's part of the fun.
I've also toyed with the idea of going as Kirara from Samurai 7, Winry from FMA, and/or Mimiru from .hack, but...that requires bared midriff, and while I'm not really teh chubbehs, I am also not so confident that I am eager to flaunt that much of myself so freely. I might do Winry anyway, and just go on a diet and exercise like a mofo or something, 'cause it would be a fairly easy costume, and I am rapidly running out of time.

So. Anyone have any OTHER suggestions? XD Preferably from anime that I enjoy/am at least somewhat familiar with.

ETA: I would LOVE to cosplay Aisha Clanclan from Outlaw Star. (I wonder if anyone would recognise me?) The costume might be problematic though, and I am not at ALL tan, so that would require lotsa make-up, lol.


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