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I really have NO time for anything, much less updating LJ, because it is paper-writing crunch time for my Library & Info Studies class. But...this Library Story of the Day was too...something for me to pass up documenting.

So I was working at the front desk today, and a teenager-ish girl comes up to check out, and she...was the talkative type. Not the type who you can have a nice conversation with as you check out their things, no--she was the type who comes up and starts talking, and just keeps talking without giving you a chance to get a word in edgewise. And that's fine, it's my job to check out her books, not talk to her, it's a library not a host club (thank heavens), but still. I'm something of a people-watcher, and it's become extremely interesting, amusing, and frustrating in turns to see SO many people with varying levels of SOCIAL SKILLS, WUT DAT.

Anyway, finally she started winding down, at which point she said:

Teen: *sounding EXTREMELY proud of herself* "I finished Breaking Dawn in two weeks!"


*...BUT~ after maybe half a second of that, remembers to smile and nod, all the while biting back what I really WANTED to say, which was '...And *I* finished Great Expectations in two days.'

Thankfully she left almost immediately after that so I didn't have to stifle my snarking for long, but. Uhm, yeah. Boasting about reading that sort of utter tripe? (To a LIBRARIAN, and an ENGLISH MAJOR, no less, not that she could have known the latter.) Sorry, not the smartest move, kiddo.

...AAAAND ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH I GO. 8| And in case I don't make it out alive...David, Thellie, and Laura, you guys get to fight over who gets what from my anime/manga collection. Phase gets my beautiful hardback Garth Nix/Old Kingdom Series books. Anne gets all my comic books, and any of my other books she wants. AND TAO, YOU GET ALL MY BUTTONS. EVEN THE NARUTO ONES. X'D Piper gets anything he can steal/carry home with him, lmao, and my beloved Abbey Road poster if he wants it. EVERYTHING ELSE I EXPECT TO HAVE BURIED WITH ME, JUST FYI. EDIT: EXCEPT MY VIDEO GAMES, Logan gets those.
alory_shannon: Sherlock doing what he does best. Aside from irritating John & sort-of failing at being a human being, anyway. (LIKE A BOSS.)


I downloaded this huge-ass file of screen caps of Tales of Vesperia ~First Strike~ and I’m not even very far into them yet but HOLY BACKFLIPPING ELIJAHBUGS I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY HOT LITTLE HANDS ON THIS MOVIE. There’s already been some Back to Back Badassery from our boys, and at the point where I’m at there’s what looks to be a BAR FIGHT, which Yuri seems to have started (OF COURSE, because he is one Grade-A instigator |D) and Flynn QUITE FIRMLY finishes and alsdkfjALKJFLSKDJF; AHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT ALREADY. X’DDDDD

…Also, Yuri is insanely cute/pretty/hot/moé. But I knew this already. |D

…And this talk of ToV reminds me of this, which I KNOW I mentioned and meant to post…forever ago actually, but. I don’t have ALL the quotes I want for it yet, but I do have some. I’ll get the rest on my second play-through. |D;

...SO, I’ve decided that really, Tales of Vesperia is all about ALIGNMENTS.

D&D Alignments as seen in Tales of Vesperia! )

EDIT: I have it from reliable sources (a couple of them, actually) that the movie...sort of RUINS EVERYTHING and pays NO attention to all sorts of canon things and just...all-around FAILS, REALLY, so...IDK if I'm gonna watch it anymore....though the BAR FIGHT thing still totally cracks me up and YEAH I'll...probably end up watching it anyway and then HATING MYSELF AND THE PRODUCERS/SCREENWRITER(S) AND JUST THE WORLD IN GENERAL for a while afterward...
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My brother's home from his first semester of college! Yes, already--the study abroad program has a very ODD schedule, though Taylor's regular schedule is preeeetty special also. It's a little weird having him back, to be honest, though it's not really bad of course...except for one little thing really that's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. We share a bathroom...and he NEVER FAILS to leave hair on the soap. It's obviously just head hair, so I know it could be worse BUT STILL. IT'S GROSS I DON'T LEAVE HAIR ON THE SOAP HOW/WHY DOES HE. And SURE ENOUGH, it happened the FIRST TIME he took a shower after he got home, ahaha. So I told him (and I am deadly serious), that if I ever find hair on the soap again, I'm gonna go Jigglypuff on his face. :| And he gives a whole new meaning to the term "sleeps like the dead" so HE KNOWS I COULD DO IT AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

In other random-as-always news, I got the Twilight movie through the library system the other day, and I KNEW it was going to be terrible, so of course I had to make my mum watch it with me. I wasn't quite sure how she'd react--I mean, she reads all these ridiculous sappy romance novels all the time, so...a part of me was afraid she'd turn out to be The Scariest Freakin' Thing In Existence, i.e. A TWILIGHT MOM. 8| BUT I needn't have feared, it turns out, because the movie was even MORE wretched than I thought it'd be, and thus we spent the whole movie saying variations of "OH MY GOSH DID YOU SEE THAT HE IS SO CREEPY!!!" "OH MY GOSH I KNOW!!!" back and forth at each other. XD And thanks to RPatz' HORRID ACTING in that one scene in the biology lab where they first meet (around 0:08), I had to explain to my 57-year-old mother what the term "jizzed in his pants" means. |Da

lolol The scene when they're at the Cullens' house and he tries to get her to dance with him--my mum deadpanned, "...Dancing...with an iceberg...woohoo." And for all the 'running through the forest' scenes she was like "...What...are they flying? What the heck is going on?"

And then after it was over, she spent the rest of the day being twitchy and creeped out. She just kept coming up to me and saying stuff like, '...And all these teenage girls like him? Really?? HE IS SO WEIRD-LOOKING!' And he IS holy crap I totally agree with the 'foot' part of this thing. 8| 8| 8|

An hour so after the movie:

Me: "SO MOM, I'm going in to work this evening--did you want me to pick up a copy of the book for you from the library?" 0:3
Mum: *glowers* "...No.. I wouldn't want to give it credit for being checked out again."

Five minutes after that:

Me: " know, the second movie is at the theatre right now--"

Oh Twilight. So much fail. And yet you spawn such wonderful goofiness, I can almost, almost forgive you for existing. ...And yet not quite, for you are not so bad you are funny, you are so bad you're BAD.

In other, thankfully non-sparkly news, COLLEGE TTLY MAKES YOU SMRT. My brother proved this last night, while watching television.

Brother: *watching some show where some guy had wired himself up with explosives* "...But what -I- wanna know is, where did he get the CO2?"
Me: *eyebrow quirk* ".......The CO2, huh?"
Brother: "...What?"
Me: *smiiiirks and leans towards him from waaaay across the room...and exhales deeply*
Brother: *UNDERSTANDING DAWNS* "...OH, no, I meant--!"
Me: *already halfway up the stairs & sniggering~* XD

...Of course, if he was learning about things like C-4 in college, I would be sorta worried. BUT STILL. /lol pats teh bruzz0r XD
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My former roommate and I discuss her ex:

CompulsoryFemale: You *DO* know if I encounter him IRL ever again, he's going down with a bloody nose.
CompulsoryFemale: He'll be lucky if I don't break both my hands on his face.
SlIgHtLy11: I know. And he knows.
SlIgHtLy11: he plans on staying clear of you for that very reason. He's well aware.
CompulsoryFemale: *...wonders who she could go visit in Michigan, so she could 'just happen to drop by' K-zoo...*
SlIgHtLy11: just like he knows his new nickname
SlIgHtLy11: me!!
SlIgHtLy11: MEE!!!
SlIgHtLy11: MEEEE!!!!!
SlIgHtLy11: lol
CompulsoryFemale: Hmm. Then I can I come with you to see him at Christmas? 0:]
SlIgHtLy11: lol
CompulsoryFemale: XD
SlIgHtLy11: sure... but I'm staying between you two.
CompulsoryFemale: Bring a video camera. It'll be great.
CompulsoryFemale: We can post it on YouTube.
CompulsoryFemale: 5 billion hits.
SlIgHtLy11: lol
SlIgHtLy11: watchers or in the vid?
SlIgHtLy11: lol
CompulsoryFemale: BOTH 


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