...LOL OH GOSH, GUYS, I am SUCH a geek--look--look at what I did today:

...I made a few more Aangs, but the rest of the batch came out shaped as...stars, kitties, and elephants. The latter of which shall be frosted pink. |D ...And, no attention to the shot of my foot in the corner...

That said, I have NOT seen the A:TLA movie yet, so...I can't say anything RE: that yet. But soon...!
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I downloaded this huge-ass file of screen caps of Tales of Vesperia ~First Strike~ and I’m not even very far into them yet but HOLY BACKFLIPPING ELIJAHBUGS I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY HOT LITTLE HANDS ON THIS MOVIE. There’s already been some Back to Back Badassery from our boys, and at the point where I’m at there’s what looks to be a BAR FIGHT, which Yuri seems to have started (OF COURSE, because he is one Grade-A instigator |D) and Flynn QUITE FIRMLY finishes and alsdkfjALKJFLSKDJF; AHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT ALREADY. X’DDDDD

…Also, Yuri is insanely cute/pretty/hot/moé. But I knew this already. |D

…And this talk of ToV reminds me of this, which I KNOW I mentioned and meant to post…forever ago actually, but. I don’t have ALL the quotes I want for it yet, but I do have some. I’ll get the rest on my second play-through. |D;

...SO, I’ve decided that really, Tales of Vesperia is all about ALIGNMENTS.

D&D Alignments as seen in Tales of Vesperia! )

EDIT: I have it from reliable sources (a couple of them, actually) that the movie...sort of RUINS EVERYTHING and pays NO attention to all sorts of canon things and just...all-around FAILS, REALLY, so...IDK if I'm gonna watch it anymore....though the BAR FIGHT thing still totally cracks me up and YEAH I'll...probably end up watching it anyway and then HATING MYSELF AND THE PRODUCERS/SCREENWRITER(S) AND JUST THE WORLD IN GENERAL for a while afterward...
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Ganked from [ profile] rapidfix. :]

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. A pair of fast-flying couriers get dragged into a war against their will. Last Exile, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
2. Some farm kids discover that they are main characters, and that they have to stop Satan and his crones before one of them goes mad and destroys the world for them.
3. Laser tag is Serious Business, Real Time Strategy games even more so. Ender's Game, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
4. A ten-year-old girl helps and is helped by a spa employee with partial amnesia after her parents’ bad table manners nearly cause her to fade from existence. Spirited Away, [ profile] cynchick
5. An assassin becomes a Technical Pacifist, then spends half the series trying not to kill the Big Bad but just teach him a lesson. Black Cat, [ profile] irishmastermind
6. In a horrible world, two wonderful children experience horrible horrors before dying horribly. The critics go wild. Personal note: Haaaated this one. Grave of the Fireflies, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
7. Magicians who work for the British government regulate magic, travel to parallel universes, and die. A lot. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, [ profile] navielflourish
8. Superweapons are given to mentally unstable children while the adults plot to destroy the world. Anyone who claims to understand it is a liar. Even the creator. Evangelion, [ profile] lone_gothic
9. Years after an eccentric philanthropist goes missing, it is learned that his most prized possession must be destroyed. Lord of the Rings, [ profile] irishmastermind (after a pretty big hint XD).
10. Everyone is an immigrant and spends their time forcefully displacing the natives. The local government is powerless to stop it since the immigrants will just come back in greater numbers.
11. A misogynist addicted to smoking and cocaine lives together with an ex-army doctor with a mysteriously migrating injury. Together, They Fight Crime! The Big Bad is a math teacher. Sherlock Holmes, [ profile] lone_gothic
12. A callow orphan joins a princess leading a resistance against an evil empire. They're joined by a roguish pilot/pirate and his tall, furry partner. A guy in full, black body armor gets in the way a lot. There are twins and daddy issues, but no R2-D2.
13. Skill at sport bestows ability to defy physics and commit genocide against the dinosaurs. Prince of Tennis, [ profile] peace_piper
14. A hooligan goes on a quest to fix a fountain, but ends up in everyone else's quests. His friend disapproves. Tales of Vesperia, [ profile] rapidfix
15. A guy who eats vampires acts like a complete idiot while occasionally eating vampires and making a scythe out of his blood. Nanomachines started it. Trinity Blood, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
16. Winged Humanoids battle for the fate of a universe where there is no ocean, and cards dictate almost everything. Baten Kaitos, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
17. A girl learns philosophy from a book about a girl learning philosophy to escape a book about philosophy being read by the original girl, who as the reader knows, is also a character in a book about philosophy.
18. You fight against angels led by a legendary hero and ruin his plans for world peace. Tales of Symphonia [ profile] its_game_time
19. Brave heroes join up to hunt down the source of the world’s air pollution. They argue over who gets stuck with a bucket.
20. A hero’s attempts to slay a dragon are delayed when everyone makes him/her solve their problems first.

...And yes, I have played, read, and/or watched all of these. :]


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