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Ganked from [ profile] its_game_time who ganked it from [ profile] exorcistor.

1. Write down the names of ten characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less
FFFFF HOWEVER THE EFF LONG YOU WANT JUST KEEP IT SHORT but shoot for fifteen I guess AUGH for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

Writing Meme )
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DISCUSS. And ignore that guy on the side, IDK who the heck he is but he is v. srs about this statement of his, so it felt wrong to crop him out.
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So I finally actually started Persona 4 this weekend, and last night...I got to Kanji's dungeon. And I knew more or less what was coming (or I THOUGHT I did), but......RIGHT after the "Hello pussycat~" line, my brain just started looping "WTF", which a few seconds later, after "Just relax~" swiftly changed tracks to "...oh my GOD" and hasn't stopped since.

My icon? Yeah, my face looked like that the entire time I was playing that dungeon last night. :|

Add to that the fact that it has GOT to be one of my LEAST favourite dungeons EVER. The adjective that keeps coming to mind is "hellish", and it is just. 100% fitting. That thing is 11 freaking floors and it JUST DOES NOT END and it REALLY annoys me that the monsters are harder-ish than the ones in Yukiko's Castle seemed to be and yet they still give you crap experience. Also FFFFFFFFFFFFF WHAT THE HELL there's something called a "Giza Beast" or something like that--IT'S A F***ING TIGER. *...sings "The Tiger Song" from The Hangover* |D

I think it would've been FUNNIER if the dungeon had been something more like this. Fluffy, sparkly, cotton-candy-pink EVERYTHING. |Db That would've been something awesome, I bet. |D

...I better go beat that dungeon before my parents come home. >___> My dad already gives me crap for liking video games ("...Doesn't this look a little young for you?" is what he's said about prettymuch EVERY game I've played except FFXII), and bad timing was bad since Kanji's little Midnight Channel show happened before I thought it would and he got to see that, so.

Though after he got over the fact that I was indeed playing a dude ("...That's you? Are you a boy?" ...Like that's something unusual? It shouldn't surprise him really--MOST of the time the main character is a guy, so whatever, Dad) after he got over that and I told him that I could have my character date some of the girls in the game, he was suddenly all interested (which amused me) and asked which one I was goin' for (which I found HILARIOUS), and was I going for "the cute one"? So I told him as of now, Yukiko, which he apparently approved of since she was the aforementioned "cute one". |D ...Though I sorta want to be terrible and see how many girlfriends I can rack up for Souji-kun. |D If there are no ill-effects to dating more than one, then I say THROW HER ON THE PILE! >Dbb But yeah, not really wanting to go after Chie. I spend FAR too much of my time saying PLEASE STOP. STOP THAT THING YOU'RE DOING. THAT THING CALLED TALKING. Seriously, she sounds EXACTLY like Kate Monster from Avenue Q, and I just. No. No. Yosuke, on the other hand, can talk all he wants. |DDD Yuri Lowenthal FTMFW. Thankfully he sounds more like Suzaku than Luke or Sasuke, so my worlds aren't quite colliding. Also, I think it must be sort of a rule that he and Johnny Yong Bosch have to play BFFs in anything they're in together. |D ...Though we hear JYB as Adachi more than Souji, and most certainly NOT Yosuke's BFF, ahaha. *is spoiler'd*

...Also, the Social Links things coupled with trying to raise my Knowledge/Expression/Understanding/Courage/Diligence scores sorta makes me a little crazy because I want to max them ALL right away, and I know that is both impossible and impractical, but.

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As much of a jerkass as he can be, my brother can still tell some pretty funny stories.

For example, when he got home from school today, he came into my room with this odd expression on his face, and was like, “...Something REALLY WEIRD happened today at school...and I...I don’t know if you’re going to believe me because I’ve NEVER heard of anything like this happening before...” He was sort of unconsciously messing with one of his ears as he said it, and sometimes I swear we’re semi-psychic, because I knew right away.

Me: “Someone had something in their ear, didn’t they. What was it, a spider? Yeah, I’ve heard of that sort of thing.”

So, reassured that I’d believe him, he tells me that this one girl in his class was complaining about having an earache, and that she had a doctor’s appointment during like second period or something, but that it sorta sounded like there was WIND in her ear all the time. So Mrs. T, his first-period teacher on B-days (who is hilarious, I’ve met her and I can totally see her doing this) INSISTED on looking in the girl’s ear for herself, and gets this really bright light and shines it down the girl’s ear--AND OUT POPS A ROACH. And Mrs. T, who is secretly a ninja, GRABS the thing and smashes it with a paper towel, and then moments later is looking it up trying to figure out what kind it is.

lol my brother and his school stories. XD And he’s TERRIFIED of roaches, so after telling me this, he flipped out a little and rubbed at his head/ears so hard, he knocked his glasses off. Thus prompting me to be ridiculous and abuse his phobia AND all the X-men comic books I’ve been reading lately by joking about mutants whose special ability is shooting roaches out their ears. |D

He was also telling me about some kid in his class who’s involved in some kind of big bet thing over said kid streaking through the prom. |D And as my brother said, “…He’s done some REALLY retarded stuff for like ten bucks. It’s a pretty safe assumption that we’re gonna be seein’ some naked guy butt. And hopefully ONLY the butt.” Then he went on talking about the venue, because apparently the only way there is like. By elevator. (Brother: “I mean, seriously! How awkward of an elevator ride would that be?”)

In less interesting out-there news, Air: The Complete Series came for me today! It’s all twelve episodes PLUS the two Summer OVAs, which I haven’t seen. 8] So yes, looking forward to that. Though I'm not sure I'm looking forward to rewatching the series, since the ending is one of the very few things in this world that have ever left me in a puddle of tears. :| So good,, so sad. Also, I found it interesting that Yukito isn’t on ANY of the covers ANYWHERE. Which will be sorta funny to mention whenever I manage to get to another con where Vic’s at and get it signed. :3 Because Ryūya’s on the cover of the Summer OVA case, and Yukito is a LOT more main-character-ish than Ryūya, so I dunno what gives there. ...Guess someone likes drawing girls. |D
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So. My mum and I were running all these errands today. We were driving along, and it was quiet so I was just kinda staring out the window when the following exchange took place:

Mum: So, did you have to put your e-mail on--
Me: *still staring out the window* Yeah, but the church softball team hasn't contacted me yet.
Mum: o_O ...Well. That's kinda weird for you, but not really for me...
Me: ...?
Mum: ...How did you know that's what I going to ask you about?
Me: ... o_o;; I...I don't know. ...I...Ohmigosh. I TOTALLY just read your mind. D8

...Kinda freaky. Honestly no idea how I knew. I just sorta did. .____.


I am not entirely certain how I feel about this. I think relief is the strongest emotion.
Though now I have GRAD SCHOOL to worry about, oh God. >.<


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