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So I've been meaning to do a "found items at the library" update, but this is just ridiculous.

This morning when I got to work, there was a cat in a little pet carrier beside the staff entrance (i.e. the back door). And there was a little note on the top that said, "Found him outside Fresh Market. And I can't keep him." But he doesn't really look like a stray--he's not all ratty and his fur is very soft and well-kept. He looks SCARED, yes, but when I reached into the carrier to put some water in there for him, he didn't flinch away or try to bite or scratch or escape. I called the Animal Control guy and talked him to see if anyone had reported losing a cat, but came up with nothing. Honestly, I think someone just dumped him there on purpose, maybe thinking we were the animal shelter since that's just about a block away--who travels around with a little carrier for catching stray cats? Plus there was a little mouse toy in there with it. VERY MUCH DOUBTING he's a stray. Though he does have a little...something on his side, some kind of injury. It's not bleeding or anything, but. =\ And he's not eating the food I went to get him AAAAAAAA why not what's wrong plz be okay kitty ;-;

APOLOGIES FOR THE CRAPPY PICTURE QUALITY but crappy cellphone camera is crappy. ANYHOO here he is:

NO LJ-CUT BECAUSE IT'S ONLY ONE PIC AND HE IS ADORABLE but then again I sort of think most cats are adorable.

Long story short, it looks like I've probably got a new cat. XD; My dad OK'd it--he's just as much of a sucker for cats as I am--but my mum works today too, so she'll find out tonight. Miiiiight have to do some aggressive negotiations there. Such as offering to be on litter box patrol permanently.

Also LOL the manager on duty today e-mailed our boss about the little guy, and told her that I was adopting him, so I'd probably need maternity leave to get acquainted with my new family member. |D And the animal control officer who stopped by said CONGRATULATIONS when I told him I was keeping the cat, as if I gave birth to it or something. lol WAT

EDIT: He's been to the vet, he's healthy, and he's definitely staying. 8Db


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