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I really have NO time for anything, much less updating LJ, because it is paper-writing crunch time for my Library & Info Studies class. But...this Library Story of the Day was too...something for me to pass up documenting.

So I was working at the front desk today, and a teenager-ish girl comes up to check out, and she...was the talkative type. Not the type who you can have a nice conversation with as you check out their things, no--she was the type who comes up and starts talking, and just keeps talking without giving you a chance to get a word in edgewise. And that's fine, it's my job to check out her books, not talk to her, it's a library not a host club (thank heavens), but still. I'm something of a people-watcher, and it's become extremely interesting, amusing, and frustrating in turns to see SO many people with varying levels of SOCIAL SKILLS, WUT DAT.

Anyway, finally she started winding down, at which point she said:

Teen: *sounding EXTREMELY proud of herself* "I finished Breaking Dawn in two weeks!"


*...BUT~ after maybe half a second of that, remembers to smile and nod, all the while biting back what I really WANTED to say, which was '...And *I* finished Great Expectations in two days.'

Thankfully she left almost immediately after that so I didn't have to stifle my snarking for long, but. Uhm, yeah. Boasting about reading that sort of utter tripe? (To a LIBRARIAN, and an ENGLISH MAJOR, no less, not that she could have known the latter.) Sorry, not the smartest move, kiddo.

...AAAAND ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH I GO. 8| And in case I don't make it out alive...David, Thellie, and Laura, you guys get to fight over who gets what from my anime/manga collection. Phase gets my beautiful hardback Garth Nix/Old Kingdom Series books. Anne gets all my comic books, and any of my other books she wants. AND TAO, YOU GET ALL MY BUTTONS. EVEN THE NARUTO ONES. X'D Piper gets anything he can steal/carry home with him, lmao, and my beloved Abbey Road poster if he wants it. EVERYTHING ELSE I EXPECT TO HAVE BURIED WITH ME, JUST FYI. EDIT: EXCEPT MY VIDEO GAMES, Logan gets those.
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So, about 5 minutes before the library closed tonight, I suddenly hear one of my co-workers say, “...Is that a snake?”

And of course I just thought, pfft, oh right, she’s joking, it’s a rubber toy or some sort of prank, but I go over to look anyway…and no.


(My face on realising this: 8D)

It was coiled up on the floor on the employee’s side of the counter, kind-of off to the side, just calm and cute as could be. <3 So INSTANTLY I’m over there, crouching down to get a better look but still keeping a respectful distance, because I didn’t want to scare it + RESPECT NATURE, LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH UNLESS YOU HAVE TO has been drilled into me from…early childhood, thank you Ranger Rick. I was 97% certain it was just a harmless little garter snake, and even if that was wrong, there were no bright colours on the thing, which when it comes to snakes generally means no need to worry about ZOMG POISON. So when one of my co-workers was like IS IT POISONOUS D8 I couldn’t help giving a little chuckle and saying, “Oh HEAVENS, no.” Even after that, though, the other ladies at the Circ desk…were all kinda clustering away on the other end of the desk, giving that little guy WIDE BERTH, lmao.

So the older gentleman who works in Reference and the middle-aged one who works in Children's came over, both with this semi-patronising air of yeah yeah, stay calm ladies, we’ll take care of it.... And they were trying to corral it into a cardboard box, which…didn’t work at all, small as the snake was. It just kept slipping away, got around the front of the desk, then came back behind it, and finally it went under the Circ desk to attempt to hide amongst the computers’ power cords.

And at that point…I was just like, you know what, forget this. This is never going to work and NO ONE ELSE has the guts to take care of this properly SO.

So I just went for it—and it wasn’t really a conscious decision on my part, it felt more like…reflex or something, I dunno. I just gently picked it up, kind of in the middle, holding it firmly enough that it wouldn’t just fall out of my hand, but loosely enough that it didn’t feel like I was a threat. I know you’re really supposed to pick them up closer to the head so they can’t turn and bite you, but it was just so totally chill with me holding it the way that I was already, I didn’t see any need to alter that. I heard a “Wow, you go, girl,” as I headed to the back door with it, and the snake was still totally calm, not freaking out or writhing or even trying to slither out of my grasp, so I took it outside and carried it to the wooded area at the edge of the library's property and let it go. :]

…And when I came back in, all my co-workers sort of just.....looked at me silently for a moment, HAHA. Then I got a “Well...well done, there” and a “YYYYEP, that’s definitely an A+ for you at work today.”




...And y'know, really all I can AND THE HAT SAID, "SLYTHERIN!!!!"

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So, all day at the library today, when I handed people the DVDs they were checking out and said, "These are due back in a week, on July 26th!" I had to almost LITERALLY bite my tongue to keep from adding--nay, BURSTING OUT, "...WHICH IS DRESDEN DAAAAAAAY! AWWWWW YIS!" and doing some happy Tigger-esque bounces.

ALL DAY. Which means, considering how busy we were, probably about a hundred times, fer serious.

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Book title I saw at the library today: "Pets in a Jar". I have a feeling that it should probably be subtitled, "or 'How to Make Your Mother Scream Through Five Octaves'."

Soooo, speaking of the library...budget cuts! Yes! Whee! Fun! Especially when they mean that half the current library staff will be let go. almost all of my coworkers and myself. So come July... Not that this is NEWS or anything, since we've known something like this was coming, and really, I'd expected to be let go a month ago, and I currently hate my job since that just...SO not my sort of place at all. So I'm not exactly WEEPING INCONSOLABLY over this...but it does mean I have to step up The Job Search and try to figure out What I Want To Do (again). I mean, obviously, if I could do "anything," I'd write. I am not so much with the finishing-what-I-start and have nothing to even attempt to publish, I need something practical. And I've got a few...ideas I'm kicking around, but. All in all, I'm just sort of tired of everything and everyone, and just want to go sleep for a few months and not deal with any of it.

/whinge-y loser-ness RE: Boring RL Crap

Ah, and since I said I would--here's My Thoughts About Tales of Vesperia. And as a warning, they are VERY stream-of-consciousness, and full of spoilers, and unless you REALLY know the game, you probably won't get any of it. So. Just so you're warned. )
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So I've been meaning to do a "found items at the library" update, but this is just ridiculous.

This morning when I got to work, there was a cat in a little pet carrier beside the staff entrance (i.e. the back door). And there was a little note on the top that said, "Found him outside Fresh Market. And I can't keep him." But he doesn't really look like a stray--he's not all ratty and his fur is very soft and well-kept. He looks SCARED, yes, but when I reached into the carrier to put some water in there for him, he didn't flinch away or try to bite or scratch or escape. I called the Animal Control guy and talked him to see if anyone had reported losing a cat, but came up with nothing. Honestly, I think someone just dumped him there on purpose, maybe thinking we were the animal shelter since that's just about a block away--who travels around with a little carrier for catching stray cats? Plus there was a little mouse toy in there with it. VERY MUCH DOUBTING he's a stray. Though he does have a little...something on his side, some kind of injury. It's not bleeding or anything, but. =\ And he's not eating the food I went to get him AAAAAAAA why not what's wrong plz be okay kitty ;-;

APOLOGIES FOR THE CRAPPY PICTURE QUALITY but crappy cellphone camera is crappy. ANYHOO here he is:

NO LJ-CUT BECAUSE IT'S ONLY ONE PIC AND HE IS ADORABLE but then again I sort of think most cats are adorable.

Long story short, it looks like I've probably got a new cat. XD; My dad OK'd it--he's just as much of a sucker for cats as I am--but my mum works today too, so she'll find out tonight. Miiiiight have to do some aggressive negotiations there. Such as offering to be on litter box patrol permanently.

Also LOL the manager on duty today e-mailed our boss about the little guy, and told her that I was adopting him, so I'd probably need maternity leave to get acquainted with my new family member. |D And the animal control officer who stopped by said CONGRATULATIONS when I told him I was keeping the cat, as if I gave birth to it or something. lol WAT

EDIT: He's been to the vet, he's healthy, and he's definitely staying. 8Db
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To understand how funny this is, you have to know that my family is VERY right-wing conservative, which means among other things that swearing = OMG BAD. My mum (half-jokingly, but still) reprimands me for saying 'crap', so you get the idea of how uptight she is about this. Anyway, the other day we were watching that Adam Sandler movie The Longest Yard, which I'd borrowed from the library and which my mum had never seen, when suddenly the disc started skipping and then refused to play, which lead to this priceless event:

Me: "...Aw man, I guess it's too scratched..."

Mum: "No! Go find that...whatchamadick!"

Me, my dad, and my brother: o_O o_o O_O "......."

Mum: "...I mean, the CD cleaner...!"

...Yeah, we just about laughed her out of the room. :3

Nothing much to report otherwise. The library is INSANE lately what with all the early voting, and it's going to be that way until November 1st, so that's just wonderful. I have never been asked so many ridiculous questions or had to put up with so much inane bullshit in my life. To all you middle-aged men standing in line next to the desk: it was not funny when the first person like you chuckled and then made the tiresomely obvious comment that "Wow, this is a pretty long line, isn't it!", apparently expecting me to be impressed by your exceptional skills of observation and laugh at how clever you were to point it out to me, who has been sitting at the desk and watching people slowly filing past for the past five hours. It is not any more funny the 30th time.

[ profile] laura_writes sent me the first two seasons of Veronica Mars, which I'd heard was good but had never seen, and after just the first two episodes, I'm already in love with it. I adore her hair. It makes me want to cut mine short again. Not...that I didn't want to do that already, heh.


Title: Remnants.
Author: [ profile] alory_shannon.
Genre: Gen, slight angst.
Rating: PG.
Pairing: Slight Kakashi/Rin implications, though technically none, since they're still 13/14 in this fic. So definitely no smut, or ANYTHING like that.
Summary: One-shot. Some introspective drabbling on Kakashi and Rin's relationship after Obito's death.
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So, I might as well make a post about this. I managed to screw up my right shoulder/back somehow--absolutely no idea how--and so I've been in constant pain since Monday. I've been to the doctor, was x-rayed (nothing broken), and then was given some pain meds and told not to lift anything that weighs more than 10 lbs, and that if it still hurt a week later to come in for an MRI. Right now they apparently think it's a muscle spasm and microtearing, but that doesn't explain why, because I wasn't doing any strenuous physical activities recently.

Anyway, despite the pain meds AND some Tylenol, I was still hurting last night, so my mum (who's a nurse, so no worries) gave me some pain med of hers that she said was supposed to make me drowsy.

...I stayed up ALL NIGHT WRITING, and looking over what I wrote, you can't even tell I was on meds--I didn't notice any weird side effects at all...until I started getting ready for my nine-hour workday today. I was veeeery wobbly, out of it, and really just...stoned on pain meds. And if that's ANYTHING like being stoned for real, I'm now even MORE adamant about wanting nothing to do with any kind of drugs EVER. My mum actually had to drive me to work today, and that's where the funny came in.

Exhibit A:
Me: *looking sadly (and semi-blearily) down at the sling my arm was in to keep some stress off my shoulder* "...This sling doesn't match my outfit at all. I shoulda worn my BLUE dress!" *dissolves into helpless giggles*
Mutti: "..."

Exhibit B:
[a bright red car with this HUGE fin on its tail passes us on the interstate--it srsly looked like it had a fin on top of its fin]
Me: *stares after it* "...Wow, they must really like fins...Hn, they must have an" *visibly struggling for the word*
Mutti: "...'Affinity'?"
Me: "YEAH. THAT'S THE ONE. An AFFINITY for them!" *dissolves into helpless giggles once again*

...And I don't remember much of what happened after that until I got to work, which was kinda dull since I just had to sit behind the desk because I can't really shelve with my arm in a sling, and I had about 30 people ask me what I'd done to my arm. One of them was this one kid who comes there pretty often, and I give him some good-natured but very older-sibling-esque trouble, so I told him (and also another patron who asked later on), "Oh, my manager did this to me. I forgot to say 'Have a nice day!' after helping someone with their books, so she was all 'NO. HOW DARE YOU FORGET THAT', and then she THREW me over the desk. It was crazy, you shoulda seen it."

Kid: *ttly disbelieving* (...and I seriously would've been worried if he hadn't been) "Uh-huh. You just don't wanna tell me."

Me: *still deadpanning* "Okay, fine, I'll tell you the truth. I had yesterday off, you know? So since I had time, I thought I'd just swim across the Atlantic to visit one of my friends in England, but as I was crossing the Appalachian Mountains on my way to the ocean, I got into a fight with this huge bear, and threw out my shoulder when I threw him off the top of the mountain."

Kid: "...This is your way of telling me that it's really none of my business, isn't it?"

Me: "You got it." ^-^

...Alright, it's time for dinner, more pain meds, and watching Casablanca with Vati for the first time STFU YES I KNOW THAT'S TERRRIBLE.


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