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...My Boba Fett fangirling ( would that be a FETTish? /SHOTSHOTSHOTlol) goes up about a hundred notches every time I watch this. And in my mind, only the awesome and utterly badass Fett of the first three movies + the EU novels & comics exists. That whiny, annoying brat in the new movies? DON'T KNOW HIM, WHO IS THAT, NOPE NO IDEA NO NONE.

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It's because it's hard to update with RL stuff when RL is Not Very Exciting. BUT I guess I've accumulated enough things to make a passable attempt at an update, so here we go!

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have a job interview this coming Wednesday! I've been trying to get a full-time job in the library system for a while now and haven't even gotten called for an interview, but my boss called the people this time and put in a good word for me, which was cool of her. The job is at the Main library downtown, so driving to work every day would adventure, but it doesn't really matter because 1) I REALLY need a full time job and it would probably take less time to get there than it does to get to my current job and 2) I really doubt I'll get the position anyway, so the point is moot. STILL, I CAN DREAM, AND YOU CAN BET I'LL DO MY BEST TO MAKE THEM WANT ME. Ahaha, that sounds so wrong, but then again so does the "DO YOUR BEST TO SELL YOURSELF" line interview guides tend to throw out. Anyway, unless I make an entry spazzing out about my new job, assume I didn't get it. :]

In other less important news, I went shopping at the mall with Mutti last week, something I've not done for...a very very long while, and which prompted me to wonder just how old I looked just then. I'm fairly certain everyone who saw me assumed I was a high school student. Does that make me a trap? |D Anyway, thanks to this trip to the mall, for the first time I own underwear that, should I ever be subjected to a strip-search in the middle of a busy airport, I would not die of mortification for having been seen in. I've never owned anything from Victoria's Secret before, but now I can see why it's so popular.

Also, I now have a very nice pair of pinstripe pants, a cute new button-down shirt to wear to work, and a loligoth-esque top that I got from Hot Topic. And the funny thing is, if my mum hadn't been with me, I wouldn't have bought the shirt from HT--she basically MADE me go back into the store and try it on when I told her I'd seen something I liked, and she doesn't even really like the fact that I like that style of clothing. Mixed signals much? Anyway, I'll take/post some pictures of those items if I feel like it sometime that's not 3 in the morning.

Oh, but my mum is hilarious. When I was playing TotA like a frickin' ZOMBIE a couple weeks ago, she managed to catch me at JUST the wrong moment, and I totally fangirled at her about my new fake boyfriend for probably about ten minutes. And she listened to the whole thing, and then just went, "...Hmmmmm...does this mean you'll stop being so obsessed with that girly-looking one?" (By which she meant Deidara, I'm sure.) And I assured her that oh yes, Guy was much more wonderful than Deidara in ALL ways and showed her the above picture. And she INSTANTLY brightened and went, "Oh, yes! He's handsome! 8DDD ......UH! But you *do* know he's pretend, right?" (*eyeroll* Yes, mother, I'm fully aware of that, which is why I called him my FAKE boyfriend. And kudos for trying to hide your own brief flicker of fangirlishness.)

...Oh, but it gets better...

She watched me play for a little bit, and I showed her the alternate costume I'd just gotten for Guy (the one you get for that VERY ANNOYING sidequest where you help Frings and Cecille pass notes in study hall), and said that I didn't really care for it because I liked Guy's original pants better. And she caught me, and was all "Oh, because they're tighter, right?"

Me: "...Y-yeah..." ^^;;

AND THEN SHE TOOK IT A STEP FARTHER, AND ACTUALLY SAID, "...Put those pants back on him--now turn him sideways, let's see--can you see the bulge?" AND SHE WAS ACTUALLY INTERESTED/CURIOUS/SEMI-EAGER TO SEE.



So yeah, Tales of the Abyss > Naruto. For so many reasons that I won't go into here. BUT~ I wrote my first TotA drabble/fic today! It's SHORT genfic with some angst, and THERE ARE SPOILERS, but if you don't know the game at all, it probably won't make enough sense for you to really be spoiled. It also focuses on my two favourite characters, Guy and Anise. I'm the first person to post a fic on with those two as the main characters. I can't decide between being intensely proud of myself and succumbing to melodramatic tears of frustration. COME ON GUYS, THEY'RE HILARIOUS TOGETHER.

Guy + Anise. 'Proxime Accessit.'


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