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I really have NO time for anything, much less updating LJ, because it is paper-writing crunch time for my Library & Info Studies class. But...this Library Story of the Day was too...something for me to pass up documenting.

So I was working at the front desk today, and a teenager-ish girl comes up to check out, and she...was the talkative type. Not the type who you can have a nice conversation with as you check out their things, no--she was the type who comes up and starts talking, and just keeps talking without giving you a chance to get a word in edgewise. And that's fine, it's my job to check out her books, not talk to her, it's a library not a host club (thank heavens), but still. I'm something of a people-watcher, and it's become extremely interesting, amusing, and frustrating in turns to see SO many people with varying levels of SOCIAL SKILLS, WUT DAT.

Anyway, finally she started winding down, at which point she said:

Teen: *sounding EXTREMELY proud of herself* "I finished Breaking Dawn in two weeks!"


*...BUT~ after maybe half a second of that, remembers to smile and nod, all the while biting back what I really WANTED to say, which was '...And *I* finished Great Expectations in two days.'

Thankfully she left almost immediately after that so I didn't have to stifle my snarking for long, but. Uhm, yeah. Boasting about reading that sort of utter tripe? (To a LIBRARIAN, and an ENGLISH MAJOR, no less, not that she could have known the latter.) Sorry, not the smartest move, kiddo.

...AAAAND ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH I GO. 8| And in case I don't make it out alive...David, Thellie, and Laura, you guys get to fight over who gets what from my anime/manga collection. Phase gets my beautiful hardback Garth Nix/Old Kingdom Series books. Anne gets all my comic books, and any of my other books she wants. AND TAO, YOU GET ALL MY BUTTONS. EVEN THE NARUTO ONES. X'D Piper gets anything he can steal/carry home with him, lmao, and my beloved Abbey Road poster if he wants it. EVERYTHING ELSE I EXPECT TO HAVE BURIED WITH ME, JUST FYI. EDIT: EXCEPT MY VIDEO GAMES, Logan gets those.

SO I beat Dragon Age II (not last night but the night prior to last), and…man. I don’t remember the last time I played a game that intensely, or beat an entire game so quickly. I played after work until 5 in the morning, like…four or five times, and that was enough to finish it with nearly every single possible quest aside from the DLC ones completed (and the three that weren’t were being glitchy, and two of them were just 'talk to this companion' quests anyway, and it was Merrill, so whatever, no big loss). Less than a week all told, hoo-yah! Or maybe I shouldn’t be proud of that. Hmm. Oh well, I am anyway. |D

There was some goofy RL drama in relation to me playing this game. )

ANYHOO, instead of a straight-up game review, Imma do a Dragon Age II meme I swiped from deviantArt. And since I’m no artist, text-only answers shall have to do. ;]

WARNING: EPIC-LEVEL SPOILERS AHEAD. And a little ranting too, hah. )

TL;DR, I beat DA:2 but…I sort of am not ready to be done with it. I want to go back and replay it all, even though I did just about everything that I COULD do…and I liked being smart-mouthed, so I wouldn’t want to change that, and I also really liked being a mage, so…I…would just be replaying the whole game exactly the way I did it before, lmao. Maybe I’ll just do that anyway, WHO KNOWS, WE’LL SEE. But first, my D*C costumes must eat my life. 8|;;
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AIIGHT I need to update this thing…so what better than a mostly-fandom-related post?

[…Answer: Nothing better, and yet somehow at the same time EVERYTHING better.]

And here's an LJ cut to save your Friends pages. )
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...I'm sitting at the front desk at work, and...someone just came in and asked if we had a sewing machine here.

We are a LIBRARY. Let me think...uhhhh, NO?
alory_shannon: ...I will KISS YOU if you know what anime this is from without somehow cheating & looking it up. KISS YOU. (Oh reeeeeeeeeally now;)

alskdjfARGH I just had a patron ask me out! DX I was organising the comic books, and he got it out of me that I liked them, and we were chatting about them a bit and then he was asking for my phone number and/or e-mail before I could get my head around it and give my usual UH I'M TTLY SEEING SOMEONE ALREADY lie. So...I have to give him my e-mail, I guess... ;^; A-and he seemed nice enough, not really interested in dating right now...and...IDK how old he was, he seemed older-ish, late 20s/early 30s, and I guess that would be fine since I'll be 25 in a little more than a month but. BUT. ACTUALLY after a second look...I think it's more late 30s/early 40s SO. AUGH. /FLAILS HELPLESSLY



EDIT: BUT as I told Fish-chan, it ended up...more or less okay. As well as can be expected, in any case. =_=;;


Mar. 8th, 2010 01:38 pm

OKAY I had the SCARIEST DREAM EVER last night guys...

I...had to play across from Zac Efron in High School Musical 4.


I-I haven't even seen the FIRST one! The only thing I've seen him in was Hairspray so fffff WTF.
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This exchange took place about five minutes ago.

Parents: /watching Smallville downstairs
Mom: That's not Superman. Who's that?
Dad: ...I think that's Green Lantern.
Me: (from upstairs) Ugh. The Green Lantern is a tool.
Dad: ...What? He's cool?
Me: NO. I said he's a TOOL.
Mom: What'd she say?
Dad: She said he's a tool.
Mom: A tool? A tool of what?
Me: /almost SRSLY injures self holding in laughter

...Yeah, he had to explain it to her. |D; O Mutti u so speshul. <33

In other news, it's freakin' COLD here, for North Carolina anyway. I know it is much worse elsewhere, but it's SUPPOSED to be cold up north. Apparently I need to move further south. :|
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Though, my one issue is...perhaps predictably, The Romances. TEAL DEER RAMBLING~ )

ALSO Library Story of the Day is from yesterday, and it was basically just a WTF. I had to play 20 Questions with a patron after I found him his book. As I was turning to go, he got all quietly intense, and was all, "So how long have you been working here? Do you work here full-time? Are you looking for another part-time job, then? Do you have a degree in library-work? Where did you go to college? Where's that?" And introduced himself and went for the handshake which I HATE I FREAKING HATE SHAKING RANDOM PEOPLES' HANDS, AUGH. And I just sort of...answered his questions quickly but politely and FLED back to the desk, because he was at least my dad's age and sorta creepy and. I wanted the desk between us. And George nearby, just in case he was some sort of crazy. Because WTF I DON'T KNOW YOU STOP BEING NOSY MY LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AND 'NOT INTERESTED' DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS ON THIS SITUATION. But he wasn't done yet--when he got up to the desk to check out his book, there was another flurry of questions. ("So have you lived in Charlotte long? Where are you going when you go back to library school? Do your parents live down here? Do you have a roommate, then?") And once again I answered as vaguely but politely as I could and checked his book out VERY fast and tried not to give in and just SNAP at him. And I'm not blonde anymore, so that isn't an excuse. But. Maybe I really DO have to stop wearing the shirt I wore yesterday...because whenever I do, this sort of thing tends to happen, which I still do not understand because my chest is Really Not Very Impressive. -_-;;;

alory_shannon: ...A gaming guide might be nice, too. GET ON IT, IGN AND/OR GAMEFAQS. (If only Real Life had Save Points;)

So I finally actually started Persona 4 this weekend, and last night...I got to Kanji's dungeon. And I knew more or less what was coming (or I THOUGHT I did), but......RIGHT after the "Hello pussycat~" line, my brain just started looping "WTF", which a few seconds later, after "Just relax~" swiftly changed tracks to "...oh my GOD" and hasn't stopped since.

My icon? Yeah, my face looked like that the entire time I was playing that dungeon last night. :|

Add to that the fact that it has GOT to be one of my LEAST favourite dungeons EVER. The adjective that keeps coming to mind is "hellish", and it is just. 100% fitting. That thing is 11 freaking floors and it JUST DOES NOT END and it REALLY annoys me that the monsters are harder-ish than the ones in Yukiko's Castle seemed to be and yet they still give you crap experience. Also FFFFFFFFFFFFF WHAT THE HELL there's something called a "Giza Beast" or something like that--IT'S A F***ING TIGER. *...sings "The Tiger Song" from The Hangover* |D

I think it would've been FUNNIER if the dungeon had been something more like this. Fluffy, sparkly, cotton-candy-pink EVERYTHING. |Db That would've been something awesome, I bet. |D

...I better go beat that dungeon before my parents come home. >___> My dad already gives me crap for liking video games ("...Doesn't this look a little young for you?" is what he's said about prettymuch EVERY game I've played except FFXII), and bad timing was bad since Kanji's little Midnight Channel show happened before I thought it would and he got to see that, so.

Though after he got over the fact that I was indeed playing a dude ("...That's you? Are you a boy?" ...Like that's something unusual? It shouldn't surprise him really--MOST of the time the main character is a guy, so whatever, Dad) after he got over that and I told him that I could have my character date some of the girls in the game, he was suddenly all interested (which amused me) and asked which one I was goin' for (which I found HILARIOUS), and was I going for "the cute one"? So I told him as of now, Yukiko, which he apparently approved of since she was the aforementioned "cute one". |D ...Though I sorta want to be terrible and see how many girlfriends I can rack up for Souji-kun. |D If there are no ill-effects to dating more than one, then I say THROW HER ON THE PILE! >Dbb But yeah, not really wanting to go after Chie. I spend FAR too much of my time saying PLEASE STOP. STOP THAT THING YOU'RE DOING. THAT THING CALLED TALKING. Seriously, she sounds EXACTLY like Kate Monster from Avenue Q, and I just. No. No. Yosuke, on the other hand, can talk all he wants. |DDD Yuri Lowenthal FTMFW. Thankfully he sounds more like Suzaku than Luke or Sasuke, so my worlds aren't quite colliding. Also, I think it must be sort of a rule that he and Johnny Yong Bosch have to play BFFs in anything they're in together. |D ...Though we hear JYB as Adachi more than Souji, and most certainly NOT Yosuke's BFF, ahaha. *is spoiler'd*

...Also, the Social Links things coupled with trying to raise my Knowledge/Expression/Understanding/Courage/Diligence scores sorta makes me a little crazy because I want to max them ALL right away, and I know that is both impossible and impractical, but.

alory_shannon: Patrick Jane is an EPIC level troll. (The Best Medicine; TROLLOLOL)

My brother is 18. (Will be 19 on the 17th, though that is irrelevant.) Thus, he is going through the wonderful experience of picking a college and trying to figure out What He Wants To Do With His Life.

...I think I prettymuch just went to the college my mum wanted me to go to most. Largely to avoid having to fight about it. And then I transferred to a local college after a year, and after another year transferred to the place I'd really wanted to go all along. Which makes filling out job applications a pain in the ass, and geez I cannot stay on topic tonight. But the point is, I'm pretty sure I never had a yelling match with BOTH my parents over it like he did today. And both he and my mum have been coming in to talk to ME about it...well, every now and then for the past few months, but a few times a day in more recent weeks, like I'm supposed to know what he should do and I should be able to convince him that he should go to whatever college they want or that I should agree that our parents are being unfair about it all.

I'm trying to feel pleased about this by telling myself that hey, they trust me and my judgment enough to talk to me about this, but really, they're both just the kind of person who needs to talk about whatever they're going through at length, several times, and then want to be told that they're right. And honestly, I think they're both being drama queens and they REALLY need to just. Calm down. And stop trying to drag me into this mess.

...And, totally unrelated, I app'd Aya from Weiss Kreuz at LSG the other day. |D I actually sorta feel bad, because my application was REALLY long, and yet at the same time, I'm worried that my sample post wasn't long enough. Guess I'll find out, eh?

Anyway, [ profile] irishmastermind is entirely at fault for me having ever even HEARD of Weiss, and since part of our bargain was that if she app'd Ken, I'd app Aya, I've been sort of drowning myself in Weiss lately, which is a bit of a dangerous thing to do if you want to keep your brain fully intact, since there are plotholes galore and other mind-melting, wonderfully goofy things contained therein.

THIS IS ME ON WEISS. ...Or maybe I'm just always like this. )

And then, we had this conversation right after I posted my app:

If you're not familiar with Weiss, you won't get most of this. )
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So, new layout. 'Bout time. Nothing terribly fancy, but I like it. And if anyone knows where the pic in the banner came from and/or who should be credited for it, I'd love to know. Google Fu has its failings...

RE: NARUTO 408-415 )

In other news, I have no idea who made THIS, but whoever it was, it must have been made for me.


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