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...My Boba Fett fangirling ( would that be a FETTish? /SHOTSHOTSHOTlol) goes up about a hundred notches every time I watch this. And in my mind, only the awesome and utterly badass Fett of the first three movies + the EU novels & comics exists. That whiny, annoying brat in the new movies? DON'T KNOW HIM, WHO IS THAT, NOPE NO IDEA NO NONE.

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SO [ profile] laura_writes and I went to Ohayocon last weekend, and it's taken me this long to do a semi-decent write up of it, but OH WELL. Here goes~

Waiting for the elevator is a part of EVERY Ohayocon, and the worst time is always RIGHT when you get there and have to take all your stuff up to the room. Laura and I must've waited 15-20 minutes, but we were on the 18th floor, and there was just no way that we were gonna make it up all those stairs lugging all our crap. But about 10 minutes into the wait, some random guy came out of the stairwell and said to the waiting group as a whole "HELLO ~LADIES~!" And there was a pause as he left, then the girl standing beside us deadpanned, "...Aaaaand now the weekend has officially begun."

All pics taken by the lovely [ profile] laura_writes, the bestest BFF EVAR, & used with her knowledge and full permission. <3333

General Con Pics :D (a.k.a. OH SO IMAGE HEAVY SRSLY) )

Aaaand here are the Sync pics )
alory_shannon: Sherlock doing what he does best. Aside from irritating John & sort-of failing at being a human being, anyway. (My back is still to you.) myself, of course, since I’ve been going to school out-of-state basically ever since we moved here, and thus haven’t really had the chance to make any friends here.

I actually hadn’t seen this movie, so I was very much amused by all the rainbows (my Gaydar™ hit “SWEET HOLY HELL WE ARE ON FIYAH,” spun around three times, then popped its sprockets at the very end when Sasuke gave Naruto the rainbow envelope), and despite the general horridness of the dub, the movie was fun, and I enjoyed myself very much.

I was planning on cosplaying TJ Sakura, but unfortunately I didn’t finish my costume. :C I did wear my Konoha hitai-ate, however, and there were many, many others who did the same (someone actually complimented me on mine, which rather surprised me, but it was cool anyway). I was disappointed that there weren’t very many real cosplayers…there was an Itachi and a Kiba, both of which weren’t half bad, and there was also an L and Misa-Misa from Death Note.
Dunno why they were at the Naruto movie, but ah well, they were with the Itachi, so they were cool in my book. ^_^

Also. Apparently wearing my hair in pigtails when it’s this short…really *does* make me look young, because I had time to kill after buying my ticket, so I went to the nearby bookstore, and I’m pretty sure I got hit on (quite clumsily, as is the way of nerds) by a kid who was maaaaaaybe fifteen.

Hell, that’s not even LEGAL.

Yeah, I...took the pigtails out really soon after that.

The only other thing I really have to complain about is the guy who sat near me in the theatre. True, I chose to sit next to him (there were two empty seats between us, actually, which was definitely NOT far enough), but I like to sit on the end, and higher up so I can see and not have to trip over people if/when I need to leave, and picking any of the other end seats would've meant sitting RIGHT next to total strangers which just = no. And I didn’t expect the guy to be one of those “friendly types”. My mistake. I shoulda known better than to wear a shirt that showed cleavage to a place where there'd be so many dorks. -_-;;

After asking if the seat was taken, receiving a negative, and then settling in, I took out the book I’m currently reading and buried my nose in it, hoping Mr. Friendly would get the hint and stop staring at me.

He didn’t.

“You brought a book?”

Clearly, he wanted a chance to demonstrate his obvious intelligence, or at least his formidable powers of observation.

I forced a smile and told him that I always bring a book to the movies, to pass the time while I’m waiting for the movie to start. He looked at me a little bit like I was an alien, but I didn’t really care and went back to my book, hoping he’d leave me alone this time.

No dice.

He started talking to me about Naruto. Granted, this is a subject I generally enjoy talking about, but this joker decided to make the boast of, “I bought ALL of Naruto—I have it on DVD.”

Before I go any farther with this story, let me clear something up. I am the Queen of the Dorks. And I am not a forgiving monarch. If you are bullshitting me about one of my favourite series, be it anime, high fantasy, sci-fi, or what have you, I will know, and I will poke holes in your grandiose claims. Mercilessly.

Therefore, my response to this was a flat sideways stare and a statement of the facts. “…It’s still coming out in Japan.”

Wannabe Otaku: *stammers a bit* “Well, no, you see I bought it from Japan, so I have it all.”

At this I lowered my book, gave the guy a fake smile that would've made Sai proud, and said, very patiently, “Shippuuden is still airing in Japan. They’re still working on it.”

And at the word “Shippuuden” he gave me one of the blankest looks I’ve ever seen, seemingly momentarily nonplussed.

So I went back to my book.

And a few minutes later, he bothered me again.

He asked if I’d seen this movie before, and I said no, and that even though it was the awful dub, I wanted to see it on the big screen, so there I was. And he said yeah, the series was really far ahead of where this movie was, and it was even FARTHER ahead in Japan. I said yeah, I know, this movie was when they were still really young, before the Time Jump…and he couldn’t resist the urge to display his knowledge of the subject matter once again:

“Oh, you mean when they were still with Kakashi.”

No. No you idiot. I mean when they were still 12/13, before Sasuke left and before he and Naruto had one of the most awesome fights ever and BEFORE the awful 36+ weeks of filler which you can’t POSSIBLY know about because despite all your blustering, you apparently just watch what they show on Toonami, and have no idea that Shippuuden even exists.

That’s what I really wanted to say. Instead I just said, “Uh...yeah” and gave him a forced grin (which just barely covered the “OMG you’re KIDDING me” look that wanted control of my face), but he wasn't done quite yet.

Wannabe Otaku: *confidentially, as if he was informing me of some GRAND SEEKRIT* "Well, you know how it is--it takes like six years for an anime to make it over here after it's done airing in Japan..." *insert continued blustering here*

Me: *thinks of the brand-new episode of Shippudden she watched the week before and cuts in a bit sharply* "That's not always true."

That finally shut him up. Thank God.

With one last fake smile, I went back to my book, completely giving up on the conversation I hadn’t wanted in the first place. But he was the FRIENDLY type, so he started talking to people behind us about who the strongest ninja was. “Oh, Orochi-MAru*, definitely,” was his opinion, and one of the people mentioned the whole arms being sealed thing...and after that I stopped listening, for fear of catching the stupid.

But what was even better was that this guy apparently had a pretty bad cold, and kept sniffling. But these weren’t just quiet, polite sniffles, oh no. He sounded like he had hay fever, a sinus infection, and a bug up his nose all at the same time. Add to this the fact that he kept cramming popcorn into his mouth nearly nonstop (he actually left in the middle of the movie to get MORE popcorn), which he ate VERY loudly--I didn’t actually realise it was possible to eat popcorn that loudly—and you can see why I was a HUGE fan of this dude. He did this throughout the entire movie, and by the end, I was ready to clobber him. He left before the ending bit after the closing credits (where Sasuke gives Naruto the GHEY RAINBOW ENVELOPE OF OMG TWU WUV), or I honestly might have done.

But really, I did have a good time. I talked with the Itachi cosplayer and her group briefly after the thing, which was very cool. ^_^

But above all, this REALLY makes me want to get to a con. As in SOON.

* That’s how he said it, and how they say it in the dub. It makes me want to kill things.
I HATE how the dub screws up the pronunciation of basically everyone’s names, and how they flip the surname-name thing and Westernize it.

“Sasuke Uchiha”? “Kakashi Hatake”?




My ears weep blood over this travesty. T^T


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