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Hunter x Hunter 2011 - Episode 1!


SO I just got done watching the first episode, I have to go back and read through the whole series again, LMAO. I really rather liked it, and I don't have much to say that hasn't been said elsewhere. The change in pacing is what I noticed the most, really--this first episode was like the first three episodes of the original anime crammed into one. Which is fine, really, though I did sort of go "buh?" at the total lack of Kaito/Kite. I thought this first episode would be more, like, establishing who Gon is and how he behaves and how he's lived his whole life as a ~Nature Boy~ and have the whole thing with Kaito, then put him on the boat as the episode draws to a close and maybe give us a glimpse of Kurapika and Leorio, then end with OH NOES, THERE'S A STORM APPROACHING! But meh, this works fine, and as I said to both [ profile] atiko and [ profile] kirbywarrior1, I love this series so much that I am really just thrilled to see HxH getting ANY sort of new attention, so I am unlikely to be very critical of much of ANYthing, really.

Looking around a bit, I've seen the OP/ED (particularly the ED) catching a lot of flak, musically-speaking....but y'know, I actually sort of really LOVED the new ED. TBH I guess it hits all my music-kinks just right, I can dig some well-done screaming/Screamo music ALTHOUGH ALSO ALSO ALSO now that I think about it, it also reminds me a LOT of VOCALOID-style music! Which I also love, SO. Here it is, if you'd like to see/hear it!

Three more things of note RE: this ED--

-0:35 Kurapika's Past -- HEARTSTRINGS SNAPPED, HOKAY, and I had to run it back IMMEDIATELY and pause it, because it was one of those alsdkfjalsjdWHATdidIjustseewhatIthoughtIsawNOWAYAUGH ;~; moments.
-0:36-0:44 ......I SERIOUSLY laughed aloud at 0:41. |D I sort of........cannot believe that they included that, LMAO And just--OH that is just such a skeevy creepy scene, FFFFFFFFFFFFFF...
-1:07-1:08 KILLUA YOU HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN INTRO'D IN THIS VERSION AND ALREADY YOU ARE KILLING MEEEEE D': The--the PERFECTLY lip-synced 'wasurenaide' ("Don't forget [me]") and that teeeear... (..or drop of blood? Or both..) KID, YOU MAKE MY HEART HURT AND YOU DESERVE ALL THE COOKIES, YOU HEAR ME, ALL OF THEM

The art is fine, it looks...better than the old one, sort-of? Somewhat cleaner and definitely "newer", but like someone else said, shounen anime art does tend to be ~quality~ and this show is no different. I was really hoping for something more along the lines of FMA/FMA:B, but...well, we'll see. It's CERTAINLY not bad enough to keep me from watching it every week, haha, but as I said, I absolutely adore this series, so. YES, I LIKED IT JUUUUUUUUST FINE.

And~ I took some screenshots, so icons should follow tomorrow! ...Though they will almost ALL be of Kurapika with maybe one or two Killua, hahahaaaaa character bias what is that. Made the icon I'm using for this entry from one of those screens, so if you like what you see there, check back tomorrow to snag yourself something. ;]

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