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Ganked from [ profile] rapidfix. :]

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. A pair of fast-flying couriers get dragged into a war against their will. Last Exile, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
2. Some farm kids discover that they are main characters, and that they have to stop Satan and his crones before one of them goes mad and destroys the world for them.
3. Laser tag is Serious Business, Real Time Strategy games even more so. Ender's Game, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
4. A ten-year-old girl helps and is helped by a spa employee with partial amnesia after her parents’ bad table manners nearly cause her to fade from existence. Spirited Away, [ profile] cynchick
5. An assassin becomes a Technical Pacifist, then spends half the series trying not to kill the Big Bad but just teach him a lesson. Black Cat, [ profile] irishmastermind
6. In a horrible world, two wonderful children experience horrible horrors before dying horribly. The critics go wild. Personal note: Haaaated this one. Grave of the Fireflies, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
7. Magicians who work for the British government regulate magic, travel to parallel universes, and die. A lot. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, [ profile] navielflourish
8. Superweapons are given to mentally unstable children while the adults plot to destroy the world. Anyone who claims to understand it is a liar. Even the creator. Evangelion, [ profile] lone_gothic
9. Years after an eccentric philanthropist goes missing, it is learned that his most prized possession must be destroyed. Lord of the Rings, [ profile] irishmastermind (after a pretty big hint XD).
10. Everyone is an immigrant and spends their time forcefully displacing the natives. The local government is powerless to stop it since the immigrants will just come back in greater numbers.
11. A misogynist addicted to smoking and cocaine lives together with an ex-army doctor with a mysteriously migrating injury. Together, They Fight Crime! The Big Bad is a math teacher. Sherlock Holmes, [ profile] lone_gothic
12. A callow orphan joins a princess leading a resistance against an evil empire. They're joined by a roguish pilot/pirate and his tall, furry partner. A guy in full, black body armor gets in the way a lot. There are twins and daddy issues, but no R2-D2.
13. Skill at sport bestows ability to defy physics and commit genocide against the dinosaurs. Prince of Tennis, [ profile] peace_piper
14. A hooligan goes on a quest to fix a fountain, but ends up in everyone else's quests. His friend disapproves. Tales of Vesperia, [ profile] rapidfix
15. A guy who eats vampires acts like a complete idiot while occasionally eating vampires and making a scythe out of his blood. Nanomachines started it. Trinity Blood, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
16. Winged Humanoids battle for the fate of a universe where there is no ocean, and cards dictate almost everything. Baten Kaitos, [ profile] kirbywarrior1
17. A girl learns philosophy from a book about a girl learning philosophy to escape a book about philosophy being read by the original girl, who as the reader knows, is also a character in a book about philosophy.
18. You fight against angels led by a legendary hero and ruin his plans for world peace. Tales of Symphonia [ profile] its_game_time
19. Brave heroes join up to hunt down the source of the world’s air pollution. They argue over who gets stuck with a bucket.
20. A hero’s attempts to slay a dragon are delayed when everyone makes him/her solve their problems first.

...And yes, I have played, read, and/or watched all of these. :]
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This exchange took place about five minutes ago.

Parents: /watching Smallville downstairs
Mom: That's not Superman. Who's that?
Dad: ...I think that's Green Lantern.
Me: (from upstairs) Ugh. The Green Lantern is a tool.
Dad: ...What? He's cool?
Me: NO. I said he's a TOOL.
Mom: What'd she say?
Dad: She said he's a tool.
Mom: A tool? A tool of what?
Me: /almost SRSLY injures self holding in laughter

...Yeah, he had to explain it to her. |D; O Mutti u so speshul. <33

In other news, it's freakin' COLD here, for North Carolina anyway. I know it is much worse elsewhere, but it's SUPPOSED to be cold up north. Apparently I need to move further south. :|
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DISCUSS. And ignore that guy on the side, IDK who the heck he is but he is v. srs about this statement of his, so it felt wrong to crop him out.
alory_shannon: ...A gaming guide might be nice, too. GET ON IT, IGN AND/OR GAMEFAQS. (If only Real Life had Save Points;)





Though, my one issue is...perhaps predictably, The Romances. TEAL DEER RAMBLING~ )

ALSO Library Story of the Day is from yesterday, and it was basically just a WTF. I had to play 20 Questions with a patron after I found him his book. As I was turning to go, he got all quietly intense, and was all, "So how long have you been working here? Do you work here full-time? Are you looking for another part-time job, then? Do you have a degree in library-work? Where did you go to college? Where's that?" And introduced himself and went for the handshake which I HATE I FREAKING HATE SHAKING RANDOM PEOPLES' HANDS, AUGH. And I just sort of...answered his questions quickly but politely and FLED back to the desk, because he was at least my dad's age and sorta creepy and. I wanted the desk between us. And George nearby, just in case he was some sort of crazy. Because WTF I DON'T KNOW YOU STOP BEING NOSY MY LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AND 'NOT INTERESTED' DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS ON THIS SITUATION. But he wasn't done yet--when he got up to the desk to check out his book, there was another flurry of questions. ("So have you lived in Charlotte long? Where are you going when you go back to library school? Do your parents live down here? Do you have a roommate, then?") And once again I answered as vaguely but politely as I could and checked his book out VERY fast and tried not to give in and just SNAP at him. And I'm not blonde anymore, so that isn't an excuse. But. Maybe I really DO have to stop wearing the shirt I wore yesterday...because whenever I do, this sort of thing tends to happen, which I still do not understand because my chest is Really Not Very Impressive. -_-;;;

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So I've been meaning to do a "found items at the library" update, but this is just ridiculous.

This morning when I got to work, there was a cat in a little pet carrier beside the staff entrance (i.e. the back door). And there was a little note on the top that said, "Found him outside Fresh Market. And I can't keep him." But he doesn't really look like a stray--he's not all ratty and his fur is very soft and well-kept. He looks SCARED, yes, but when I reached into the carrier to put some water in there for him, he didn't flinch away or try to bite or scratch or escape. I called the Animal Control guy and talked him to see if anyone had reported losing a cat, but came up with nothing. Honestly, I think someone just dumped him there on purpose, maybe thinking we were the animal shelter since that's just about a block away--who travels around with a little carrier for catching stray cats? Plus there was a little mouse toy in there with it. VERY MUCH DOUBTING he's a stray. Though he does have a little...something on his side, some kind of injury. It's not bleeding or anything, but. =\ And he's not eating the food I went to get him AAAAAAAA why not what's wrong plz be okay kitty ;-;

APOLOGIES FOR THE CRAPPY PICTURE QUALITY but crappy cellphone camera is crappy. ANYHOO here he is:

NO LJ-CUT BECAUSE IT'S ONLY ONE PIC AND HE IS ADORABLE but then again I sort of think most cats are adorable.

Long story short, it looks like I've probably got a new cat. XD; My dad OK'd it--he's just as much of a sucker for cats as I am--but my mum works today too, so she'll find out tonight. Miiiiight have to do some aggressive negotiations there. Such as offering to be on litter box patrol permanently.

Also LOL the manager on duty today e-mailed our boss about the little guy, and told her that I was adopting him, so I'd probably need maternity leave to get acquainted with my new family member. |D And the animal control officer who stopped by said CONGRATULATIONS when I told him I was keeping the cat, as if I gave birth to it or something. lol WAT

EDIT: He's been to the vet, he's healthy, and he's definitely staying. 8Db
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As much of a jerkass as he can be, my brother can still tell some pretty funny stories.

For example, when he got home from school today, he came into my room with this odd expression on his face, and was like, “...Something REALLY WEIRD happened today at school...and I...I don’t know if you’re going to believe me because I’ve NEVER heard of anything like this happening before...” He was sort of unconsciously messing with one of his ears as he said it, and sometimes I swear we’re semi-psychic, because I knew right away.

Me: “Someone had something in their ear, didn’t they. What was it, a spider? Yeah, I’ve heard of that sort of thing.”

So, reassured that I’d believe him, he tells me that this one girl in his class was complaining about having an earache, and that she had a doctor’s appointment during like second period or something, but that it sorta sounded like there was WIND in her ear all the time. So Mrs. T, his first-period teacher on B-days (who is hilarious, I’ve met her and I can totally see her doing this) INSISTED on looking in the girl’s ear for herself, and gets this really bright light and shines it down the girl’s ear--AND OUT POPS A ROACH. And Mrs. T, who is secretly a ninja, GRABS the thing and smashes it with a paper towel, and then moments later is looking it up trying to figure out what kind it is.

lol my brother and his school stories. XD And he’s TERRIFIED of roaches, so after telling me this, he flipped out a little and rubbed at his head/ears so hard, he knocked his glasses off. Thus prompting me to be ridiculous and abuse his phobia AND all the X-men comic books I’ve been reading lately by joking about mutants whose special ability is shooting roaches out their ears. |D

He was also telling me about some kid in his class who’s involved in some kind of big bet thing over said kid streaking through the prom. |D And as my brother said, “…He’s done some REALLY retarded stuff for like ten bucks. It’s a pretty safe assumption that we’re gonna be seein’ some naked guy butt. And hopefully ONLY the butt.” Then he went on talking about the venue, because apparently the only way there is like. By elevator. (Brother: “I mean, seriously! How awkward of an elevator ride would that be?”)

In less interesting out-there news, Air: The Complete Series came for me today! It’s all twelve episodes PLUS the two Summer OVAs, which I haven’t seen. 8] So yes, looking forward to that. Though I'm not sure I'm looking forward to rewatching the series, since the ending is one of the very few things in this world that have ever left me in a puddle of tears. :| So good,, so sad. Also, I found it interesting that Yukito isn’t on ANY of the covers ANYWHERE. Which will be sorta funny to mention whenever I manage to get to another con where Vic’s at and get it signed. :3 Because Ryūya’s on the cover of the Summer OVA case, and Yukito is a LOT more main-character-ish than Ryūya, so I dunno what gives there. ...Guess someone likes drawing girls. |D
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It's because it's hard to update with RL stuff when RL is Not Very Exciting. BUT I guess I've accumulated enough things to make a passable attempt at an update, so here we go!

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have a job interview this coming Wednesday! I've been trying to get a full-time job in the library system for a while now and haven't even gotten called for an interview, but my boss called the people this time and put in a good word for me, which was cool of her. The job is at the Main library downtown, so driving to work every day would adventure, but it doesn't really matter because 1) I REALLY need a full time job and it would probably take less time to get there than it does to get to my current job and 2) I really doubt I'll get the position anyway, so the point is moot. STILL, I CAN DREAM, AND YOU CAN BET I'LL DO MY BEST TO MAKE THEM WANT ME. Ahaha, that sounds so wrong, but then again so does the "DO YOUR BEST TO SELL YOURSELF" line interview guides tend to throw out. Anyway, unless I make an entry spazzing out about my new job, assume I didn't get it. :]

In other less important news, I went shopping at the mall with Mutti last week, something I've not done for...a very very long while, and which prompted me to wonder just how old I looked just then. I'm fairly certain everyone who saw me assumed I was a high school student. Does that make me a trap? |D Anyway, thanks to this trip to the mall, for the first time I own underwear that, should I ever be subjected to a strip-search in the middle of a busy airport, I would not die of mortification for having been seen in. I've never owned anything from Victoria's Secret before, but now I can see why it's so popular.

Also, I now have a very nice pair of pinstripe pants, a cute new button-down shirt to wear to work, and a loligoth-esque top that I got from Hot Topic. And the funny thing is, if my mum hadn't been with me, I wouldn't have bought the shirt from HT--she basically MADE me go back into the store and try it on when I told her I'd seen something I liked, and she doesn't even really like the fact that I like that style of clothing. Mixed signals much? Anyway, I'll take/post some pictures of those items if I feel like it sometime that's not 3 in the morning.

Oh, but my mum is hilarious. When I was playing TotA like a frickin' ZOMBIE a couple weeks ago, she managed to catch me at JUST the wrong moment, and I totally fangirled at her about my new fake boyfriend for probably about ten minutes. And she listened to the whole thing, and then just went, "...Hmmmmm...does this mean you'll stop being so obsessed with that girly-looking one?" (By which she meant Deidara, I'm sure.) And I assured her that oh yes, Guy was much more wonderful than Deidara in ALL ways and showed her the above picture. And she INSTANTLY brightened and went, "Oh, yes! He's handsome! 8DDD ......UH! But you *do* know he's pretend, right?" (*eyeroll* Yes, mother, I'm fully aware of that, which is why I called him my FAKE boyfriend. And kudos for trying to hide your own brief flicker of fangirlishness.)

...Oh, but it gets better...

She watched me play for a little bit, and I showed her the alternate costume I'd just gotten for Guy (the one you get for that VERY ANNOYING sidequest where you help Frings and Cecille pass notes in study hall), and said that I didn't really care for it because I liked Guy's original pants better. And she caught me, and was all "Oh, because they're tighter, right?"

Me: "...Y-yeah..." ^^;;

AND THEN SHE TOOK IT A STEP FARTHER, AND ACTUALLY SAID, "...Put those pants back on him--now turn him sideways, let's see--can you see the bulge?" AND SHE WAS ACTUALLY INTERESTED/CURIOUS/SEMI-EAGER TO SEE.



So yeah, Tales of the Abyss > Naruto. For so many reasons that I won't go into here. BUT~ I wrote my first TotA drabble/fic today! It's SHORT genfic with some angst, and THERE ARE SPOILERS, but if you don't know the game at all, it probably won't make enough sense for you to really be spoiled. It also focuses on my two favourite characters, Guy and Anise. I'm the first person to post a fic on with those two as the main characters. I can't decide between being intensely proud of myself and succumbing to melodramatic tears of frustration. COME ON GUYS, THEY'RE HILARIOUS TOGETHER.

Guy + Anise. 'Proxime Accessit.'
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I think I should really start posting a "Library Story of the Day", because almost EVERY day that I go into work, I get asked questions that anyone with an ounce of common sense would not have to ask. For example, I had this exchange with a patron at the library today:

Middle-Aged Lady: -beckons me over to her computer, where I find that she's trying to set up an e-mail account- "What's that mean?" -points at screen, where it says that the stunningly creative user name she'd chosen (her first and middle initials in front of her last name) was "unavailable"-

Me: "Ah, I'm sorry, that means that user name is already taken."

Middle-Aged Lady: -looks at me with surprised disbelief- "Someone else has my name?"

Me: -resisting the urge facepalm- "...It...would seem so. You could add a number to it..."

Middle-Aged Lady: -huffs rather indignantly and types some more letters onto it instead-

Can you believe it, the nerve of someone else having her name.

It was so very hard not to tell her that she was not a beautiful or unique snowflake--she was the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

In other, totally unrelated and quite boring news, I was good and ran/walked my three miles today. I need to be better about that, so if one of you peoples whom I talk to on a regular basis would like to take on the most likely quite thankless role of pestering me about that occasionally, I think I'd appreciate it.


Oct. 21st, 2007 02:29 pm
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I love this song. And the video is EXCELLENT--the timing and the editing alone make it worth watching even if you don't like the couple or the show.

In other news, I'm leaving for Atlanta with my mum in an hour or two--my cousin who lives there has just had a baby (via C-section), and Mutti, ever the good nurse, simply must check to be sure that the hospital conditions are satisfactory. Plus Mutti loves babies (which I totally don't understand, ick), and this one's related to us AND within range, so of course she must go see/hold/generally fuss over it. And I'm going because I'd rather she not travel alone, because her driving is sorta starting to scare me a bit.

Anyhoo, I should be back tomorrow evening. ^_^


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